Thursday, July 20, 2006

Readin', Writin', and ... More Words Gone Wild

I'm recommending some weekend reading. It's a short list, but chock-full of lessons it wouldn't hurt any of us to be reminded of. Again.

1. Chicken Little

2. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

3. The Three Little Pigs

#1 addresses the harmful fallout from the spread of misinformation or, worse, deliberate disinformation and the consequences thereof.

#2 imparts precisely the lesson the title implies. The wisdom of the story itself is a point well taken at this particular time. People should never forget that one can cry wolf only so many times before one is left to one's own devices.

#3 serves as a reminder of the foolishness of consorting with dangerous characters. No good comes to either the fools or the fooled.

In other news on the literary front, the Word Patrol nabbed a whole slew of really bad guys today. It was tough rounding up all these fleeing miscreants, but they were all eventually taken down and nobody got hurt. Every single one of them is charged with Malicious Wounding of Etymology.

perminant -- All we can think is that it's a reference to a really bad home permanent that scrambled a few brain cells.

My personnal favorite tick is -- I'm sorry, I personally don't like any ticks at all, and I'd never hire one on as personnel, either.

Hump -- We sincerely hope the sound of "Hmph!" was what was intended, because this person ain't no Fergie.

I don't think nobody has blown you off -- Excuse me, but I believe that means that if nobody did, then somebody did.

getitng -- Say what?!

tanturm -- Allotted time in a tanning booth? I have no idea and am thinking of throwing a tantrum.

we had the same experances -- Maybe you did. I didn't.

termanated -- Anybody have The Terminator's phone number?

attutude ajustment -- Et tu, dude. Et tu.

as to weather they will accept or not -- I'll accept good weather any time!

i'm holing my baby -- Oh, God, I hope that's a typo. I can't bear to think of somebody quieting the baby with a power drill.

Our bodies isn't use to -- Mine are.

I seen that -- Hey, me, too!

no salution -- No ... greeting? No salute? No saline solution?

I don't want to leave no stone unturned -- I wouldn't want that, either. Nor do I want to leave any language manglers on the street. Hands up!

authorites -- A band of authors who wandered in the desert for forty years.

conflick -- I know, I know! That's got to be a scam film. Or a prison movie.

situration -- I'm going to warsh this person's mouth out with soap. I'm so over-saturated with this word flu situation that I'm no longer responsible for my actions.

trasfered -- Trash grew fur?

brick and martar stores -- Refers to a sainted author who's about to be pelted with bricks instead of stones.

I have had that threw at me -- Great! Then you know the drill. Stand still while I throw this.

defintly -- Definitely defiant? Deviant? Something to do with fish being de-finned? This is definitively devious.

concertrate -- It's either the current price of concert tickets or illegal trafficking in concertina wire, I think.

There books -- There may be books there -- yours, mine, and theirs -- but they're not cogitating in this person's head.

papperback book -- A paperback which has to be produced in a larger than life format because it's so filled with pap.

turning out quilty books -- We just love the quality of these padded trick books.


The Rick said...

New to this whole blogging thing. I was drawn in by your love of words and profile. I too am a word lover and enjoyed reading your posts. Keep up the good work.

Serena Joy said...

Thanks very much, Rick. I appreciate it.:)