Friday, July 21, 2006

Stormy Weather

We're under a thunderstorm advisory -- again -- this evening. I just looked out the window and, sure enough, the sky is that funky gray color with dirty yellow blotches that never portend anything good. We can use the rain and, God knows, anything that breaks the heat is welcome. I'm not ready to brave another storm like the one we had Wednesday night, though.

We were deluged with monsoonal rain, pelted with hail, and buffeted by high winds, all seasoned with rolling, booming thunder and lightning bolts from hell. The lightning took out a tree two doors down from me, along with the electricity and cable. The rain had started seeping into my basement before it finally let up. And the wind, screeching and howling angrily, sounded plenty strong enough to lift my house right on up to Oz. Thankfully, my roof and trees stood up to it. One of the museums downtown wasn't so fortunate. Its roof was peeled completely off and blown into the newspaper building close by, damaging it as well. Within the same vicinity, huge trees were snapped in two like toothpicks, signs and shingles and debris galore flew through the air, and a number of buildings lost various and sundry bits and parts. The forces of Nature are awesome to behold -- and not something you want to see every day.

The weather, of course, doesn't faze those bound and determined to vandalize the language. Today's roundup of Words Gone Wild includes:

trully sad -- Tra-la-la. Ooooo, that is sad.

not written by (Bozo) or I -- Let's examine that. It was not written by Bozo. It was not written by I. Nuh-uh, doesn't work.

going up the latter -- I've heard (and sung) "Going Up the Country." I've heard of being sold down the river. I have no clue how to get up a latter.

critisism -- Narcissism in small animals.

how to analys it -- Um ... what? This has nothing to do with some sort of suppositories, does it?

Thanks hun! -- Expression of gratitude by a politically incorrect person to a person of Teutonic origins.

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