Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stupid Sex Tricks

Oh, joy. Two more of those ridiculous "sex-mails" turned up in my in-box this evening. If somebody's got a beef with somebody else, let them duke it out, draw blood if they must, and fight the damn battle to a conclusion; in other words, somebody wins, somebody loses. But ... do it on your own damn turf.

By fighting this way, by mass e-mails from fake addys, innocent people get drawn into it. Worse than that, innocent people get blamed for this nonsense. I'm sure I'm already being blamed for today's onslaught. I don't even care any more. Anywhere my name shows up, appropriate steps are being taken. Ultimately, the truth will come out. I'll be glad when this sick scenario plays itself out and is over and done with. And I'll be even happier when it's revealed who's doing this. I have a pretty good idea why it's being done, but they're going about airing their grievances the wrong way. People who are blameless, people who have no dog in this fight, people who are getting wrongfully crucified are sick and tired of it and just want it to stop. If, as some people surmise, the principals themselves are behind these sick shenanigans and blaming other people for it, there will be repercussions they never even thought of. Comprende?

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