Sunday, July 09, 2006

Of Genies and Gangstas

I've always made my own luck, and I've always landed on my feet. Sometimes, I'll land on my butt first but I eventually gain my footing. It really would be nice to have a genie, though.

I think it would be fabulous to be able to simply uncork a bottle and say, "Genie! Bitch at three o'clock." Or "Genie! Poison pen at again." "Genie! Blowout on the freeway. Help!" And poof, problem solved.

I do okay, though. We all have a genie somewhere in our psyches. Sometimes you have to call it out and get reacquainted with it, but it's there. It's what gets you through the hard times. It stays in the background, asking no thanks or favors in return. It seeks no recognition. It's enough for you to know it's there when you need it, and enough for it to simply be there when needed.

Too bad there's no Word Genie, huh? Some of us crank it down and behave on Sundays. Not the Word Miscreants. Today's roundup includes:

Villian -- This one, we'll give a pass to since it's only misdemeanor letter transposition.

This one, however, is going down on every charge in the book. One transgression could have been overlooked, but all of these criminal trespasses were packed into one paragraph, followed by more of the same.

...grammer mistakes in my book "Simple." i here you say, But your not me.

We're running these two in, too, and holding 'em without bail.

im sure ill get the same nasty response

(item) for sell

Shoot, they might get LWOP.

I see dead words.



Oops is back home, safe and reportedly chowing down heartily on whatever monkeys chow down on. She was spotted this afternoon in a neighborhood down the mountain. It took three hours to corral the little critter, but they finally got her and took her home, no worse for wear.

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