Thursday, April 09, 2020


Why is there no toilet paper!? By the time I realized I'd better buy a little more than usual, there was none to be had in the stores. Or the online stores. I don't think the manufacturers have stopped making it, or the trucks stopped delivering it. Apparently, some people -- and they know who they are -- keep grabbing all they can get their hands on and leave none for anyone else. And apparently, many of them moved their hoards to eBay and Amazon to sell at outrageous prices. I ultimately had to give in to those sources and was staggered and appalled at the price gouging. Some jerks were selling one roll for $10 and up. By biting my tongue and maintaining unusual patience in scrolling through scores of listings, I was able to get enough at quasi-reasonable prices to last a month or two. Hopefully, things will have returned to normal in the stores by the time I run out. I never used to buy those gigantic multi-roll packages. In the future, I will, just to be on the safe side. I guess in the face of disaster, peoples' instinct is to hoard. But geez, folks, take what you need and leave some for other people. You're not winning any Brownie points by moving your stash online and price gouging. Your customers -- former customers now -- won't forget what you did. Who on earth would pay $100-plus for a 4-pack?! I'd pick leaves first.

Anyhow, my pup and I are maintaining, staying in, staying careful, staying informed, and just waiting it out. Y'all take care of yourselves, guard your toilet paper, stay safe, and be well.


Skunkfeathers said...

Using leaves is causing koalas to have to do extensive koala-ty checking of their food source.

I personally can't wait for someone to try to sell me a $10 roll of TP. Emphasis on "try".

Serena said...

Thankfully, I didn't have to cause the little koalas any anxiety. Too bad the TP hucksters aren't sending out email sales pitches. You could teach them a thing or two.:)