Thursday, December 08, 2011

Thoroughly Sodden

Rain Falling on Street

I felt like I needed flippers and fins yesterday. It rained hard all night Tuesday, and then it rained even harder all day yesterday. By the time I headed home from work, there was so much standing water in the streets that I was concerned about stalls and hydroplaning. Luckily, nothing happened. There were also flood and high wind warnings out last night. It was truly nasty out. I apologized profusely to the dog for having to take the poor little thing out to go potty in such a monsoon -- and didn't complain once about the aroma of eau de wet dog.

My Christmas trees (two wee ones) are up, lighted, and have presents under them. I still plan to pester Santa for that one thing I really want, though. And then I think I'll start handing out Princess Serena's address and see who sends me tribute. I'm interested in all things sparkly, shiny, and glittery, just so you know.
Heart and Rose


G-Man said...

Princess Serena Huh?
You don't seem like the pestering type. But they say still waters run deep. I hope you get what you want...You deserve it.

Serena said...

Oh, you bet, Mr. G. I can pester Santa until Doomsday unless he gives me that piece of serenity I want.:)

G-Man said...

Doomsday? That could be like 2 or 3 weeks. And I'm sure Santa is NOT Kreskin, so you better jot it down so you'll remember to spit it out when you see him!
Sometimes Silence is not golden!!
Oh Queen of veiled nuances...

Lee said...

We've had some rain here this week, too. It was long overdue and I just loved it; but then I had no need to go out in I just snuggled up inside with my two furry, four-legged mates. They had no desire to go out and get their paws wet, either!

I've given up pestering Santa...he never listens to me...and I think he's lost my address! ;)

Serena said...

Oh, no, Mr. G -- Doomsday is next year. According to the Mayans, anyway. Don't worry, I'll remember what to pester Santa about.:)

Sounds like it was an excellent time to snuggle in with the pups, Lee. Santa's just a little senile so, by all means, keep on pestering him. And it doesn't hurt to pelt him with sticky notes so he remembers your address.:)