Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twisted Linguistics

As you may have heard, that 90-year-old preacher from Oakland says the world is ending Friday. Of course, he's predicted The End a number of times before -- and we're still here. My guess is he's got a few dead neurons in his head and we'll still be good to go after Friday.

What do you think about these Words Gone Wild?


I personally think they're extras in "The Walking Dead." Of course, if the preacher is right, they may be the only ones left standing Friday.

Maybe the end will be a Zombie Apocalypse and, afterwards, everything will be gone to the dogs and currupt, of course. There will be un-identified body parts and accessoties after the fact littering the landscape. The hastily crowned King Comand will have been kidnapped and held hostage by the unoffically anointed Zombie Queen, the mostly intact but fickle Aftet. The warm-blooded ransome ideas up the flagpole and considered paying some money for his release. Of course, nobody will have any cash, even if they were brave enough to go outside to deliver it. And I don't think cold, hard coin would be of much interest to Aftet, anyway. It'll all be pretty un-nerving, don't you think?


puerileuwaite said...

I'm still dealing with the shock that someone from Oakland lived to age 90.

Serena said...

Maybe he's not exactly "alive," Pugsley. I've seen a picture and he looked a little discolored and, well, peeling. That would lessen the shock, yes?;)

G-Man said...

I saw the Zombies, and then I Ransome!Comand get me out of here!
Have a Great Week-End My Very Belle Joli...oxxxxxxx

Duckbutt said...

He just looks like one of the more fanatic Oakland Raiders fans. Their antics prove their warpedness.

Serena said...

LOL, Mr. Gee. You have a good weekend, too.:)

Nothing scarier than a warped fanatic, Duckbutt.:)