Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Shooooooes

I mentioned last week the strange case of the disintegrating shoe and said I would elaborate on that. Here's what happened.

I wore clogs (Clarks) to work that day, and didn't notice anything amiss between my house and the office. Once there, I walked to the kitchen to get coffee and thought my right shoe felt a little loose on my foot, but paid no attention to it. Around 10:00 A.M., I got up to go get more coffee and make a bathroom run. Walking down the hall, my shoe felt really loose. Then I happened to look down and noticed something sticking off the side of my shoe. I thought I'd stepped in something and it had stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

In the bathroom, I took a closer look and was stunned to see that my shoe was almost literally in pieces. The sole had cracked completely in two, and the seams had come loose on both sides so that I could stick my hand through it. I Scotch-taped the crack in the sole to get me through the day. Do not call me a hillbilly. One does what one has to do to make it through the day.

This ignominy (sans tape) is illustrated in the pictures below.

Some time later, I saw that my left shoe had also started coming apart at the seams on both sides. These were supposedly good quality leather clogs, certainly no more than five years old. I have shoes (some that I paid much less for than these) that I've worn frequently for 10 and 15 years, so I know this shouldn't have happened.

I haven't done so yet, but I fully intend to write a letter to Clarks about this. For whatever good it will do. But at least it'll be off my chest and on somebody else's.


G-Man said...

Two Things....
1.) You Have Tim Horton's?
2.) Maybe you shouldn't try and squeeze a size 9 into a size 5 shoe?
(Forgive me Sherry...:P)

Serena said...

Mr. Gee, you know very well that I could get BOTH my feet into a size 9 shoe. Puh-leeze. And yes, I do have Tim Horton's. We are civilized in these here boonies, you know.:)

Marion said...

I would send Clarks a photo and yout story. (Oh, and I'd have duct taped it together...which would probably hold it for another few years. Tee-Hee. You do know that duct tape comes in like 25 colors now?). I complain about everything and usually get free coupons or replacement. Good luck and may the shoe fairies be with you. xo

Anonymous said...

serena joy,

i can see the problem, dear...

the whole back half of your shoe is missing!

no thanks necessary -- glad to help

× × ×


Serena said...

Marion, don't think I haven't duct-taped stuff. LOTS of stuff. I've stapled falling-out hems, too. LOL. Yeah, I am going to complain. I should get a least a coupon for a few dollars off.:)

Oh, thank you for clearing that up for me, /t. I'll bet I could duct-tape that.;)

puerileuwaite said...

Some experts say the same fate befell the Titanic. The same experts probably never "reach port" with the ladies.

Maybe - to paraphrase that wise old sage, David Lee Roth - the trouble with you, is you need some sensible shoes. The kind that bring me back to you.

Serena said...

But Pugsley, those ARE my sensible shoes. Now what?

By the way, those "experts" never reach MY port. Just look what those geeks did to the poor Titanic.;)