Wednesday, June 29, 2011


llq, will you please get the hell off my blog? Do you not have enough brain cells working to see that Blogger is recognizing your comments as spam and sending them straight to Spam Hell? BUT I get them in e-mail and I still have to go to each of the dozens of posts you've spammed today alone to make sure the spam filter caught them and I don't have to delete them manually. You, my idiotic non-friend, have been reported and are on notice. Get the hell out of here and STAY out!


Oh, great, llq. It's 5:02 P.M. and I have another 11 of your stupid spam comments in my e-mail. And I have to check all 11 posts to make sure Blogger Spam Filter caught you. You dumb shit, are you blind? NOBODY IS SEEING YOUR STUPID SPAM COMMENTS!! Get the hell out of here!!!


6:26 P.M. -- 21 new spam comments by this asshole llq -- who is somehow eluding an IP number capture. But I WILL get it, one way or another. And maybe his/her/its little dog, too. Stupid jerkface.

As much as I hate to do it, I'm going to have to go to "moderated" comments for a while and wait for this stupid twit llq to go away.

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