Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'll Just Think About That Later

Cheeseburger French Fries

I have to think about some things. Like, whether I should move when my lease is up at the end of September, or stay put. Moving's a bee-yotch, but I could, after all, get a lot more amenities for the same rent I'm paying. Or, whether I should stick out my job where the money's good, but it's like working with hell's minions on the Dark Side.

Decisions, decisions. It's kind of like the difference between cheesecake and tofu, cotton granny panties and a lace thong, a big sloppy cheeseburger and a rice cake. Spiders and puppies. You kind of know what's safe -- except on days that end in "day" and full moons -- but what's sure? I'm pretty sure that nothing is for sure, much less fail-safe, so maybe I'll just opt for gorging on burgers and cheesecake. Not while wearing granny panties, though. I'm not going there 'til I'm at least 90.

While I'm pondering on the nature of comfort food and appropriate underwear, y'all have a Happy Hump Day.


G-Man said...

I think that if the Granny Panites was magenta, they would be ok!!

G-Man said...

Panties....hehehehe sorry

Serena said...

Nope, GM, no granny panties, not even in magenta.:-)