Monday, January 10, 2011

Twisted Linguistics

Let's take these Words Gone Wild and, er, define them, shall we. I've given them my best shot, albeit a couple of them stumped me. Want to see what you can do with them?

champaign - A half-baked, liquored up plan for seduction.

attetion - Bubba's not going to pass that course.

anomosity -

intersted - I think it's something to do with grave robbing, but I'm not sure.

recouperated - When one coup fails but you're still alive, launch another one.

chronilogical - Consistently analytical thinking.

handingling - An illegal act in most states.

meantioned - Speaking badly of someone.

scenariou -

Oh, yeah, it's Monday, isn't it? Since I wrote this on Sunday night, I'm gambling on what the heat situation at work will be. Last Monday, I wore a skirt, one sweater, and stockings and, when I got there, there was absolutely no heat and there had been none for the entire weekend. It was absolutely miserable. Normal employers would have sent everyone home, but not these guys. The repair guys didn't get there 'til it was time for me to go home, either. This weekend, it snowed and never got out of the 20s and it would be stupid of me to assume there will be heat, so I'm wearing wool pants, a long-sleeved tee, two sweaters, and thick socks. Better safe than sorry, I always say -- which is a damn good motto for any given scenario. Or scenariou, as the case may be -- if perhaps you're a caribou?


puerileuwaite said...

Do what I do: when it's cold at work, I play "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey at full volume until my boss gets the hint.

Serena said...

Hey, that could work, Pugsley. What about "Heat Wave?" Think that might have any effect?;)

G-Man said...

Bring in about 5 or 6 scented candles and light them on your desk! A Myriad of smells, and some welcome heat to boot!
I bet you have some candles laying around...hehehehe

Serena said...

Candles would have been superfluous today, Mr. G. I got over warm, though I wasn't about to say so. I just started discreetly removing layers.

snowelf said...

Ugh. Monday. Bleech.

What is it with lawyers and not needing heat? I remember it was freezing at your last office too!!


Serena said...

Honey, it's because lawyers come from Hell and they're happy for the air conditioning.:)