Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've Got a Little List...

No, I'm not doing Gilbert & Sullivan. I'm just making a little list. Or two.

Lists are good, don't you think? You need lists to strategize and make plans, and I'm trying to come up with a viable plan. Or two, because only a half-witted woman would be caught without a Plan B. It suddenly occurred to me -- not quite out of the blue, but practically -- that I've been a Woman Without a Plan for the past two years. I've been so enamored with having my own place and my own space that I hadn't even realized that I've been treating it rather like a lark while waiting for something else to fall into place. It's taken me this long to comprehend (uh-oh) that the thing might not fall. Doesn't say much for my Math skills, does it? Consequently, I haven't been thinking through the long-term causes, effects, consequences, yada-yada. Thank God someone took pity on me and provided me with a planning kit, huh?

Just because one has some sort of nebulous plan for the future does not guarantee it will happen. Therefore, it only makes sense to live as though it won't and do what is necessary to ensure that one's lifestyle and quality of life can be maintained, whatever happens. Or not. I should know this; I was raised knowing not to count my chickens before they're hatched, that whatever can go wrong, will. But I'm on it now, and making my freakin' lists. Could be a great adventure, could be disastrous. I'm putting my money on adventure, but I do know not to expect it.

"Expect" -- that word is a buzz killer in Serena World. I love it when something good jumps out and throws itself at me, but if I expect it, it AIN'T gonna happen. Law of (my) nature. It's okay to go off the reservation every now and then, but you'd better have yourself a darn good GPS system to find your way back because smoke signals are sometimes fairly indecipherable.


puerileuwaite said...

Whew! I needed a plan just to find my way through the forest of analogies! Glad you didn't mention using the lottery as your retirement plan, as that is one of my patented strategies for wealth creation.

Marion said...

Great song, girlie! I'm a firm believer in lists/goals. Someone once said, "If you aim at nothing, that's what you'll hit."

I made a list for home repair and it's working. So far this year I've gotten new sink faucets (old ones dripped forever), my old iron bathtub refinished and a new stained glass light for my dining room. Thank GOD that I have a handyman son-in-law because poor Ray (as Patti my hairdresser calls him) can't fix a damn thang! LOL! I'm still adding to the list. I may even put ME on it. BUT, I did manage to convince Ray we'd better walk, so we walk (limp) twice around our block every day. I feel much better, too.

Good luck. Blessings!! xoxo

G-Man said...

I wouldn't mind being on your list Sherry.
Unless of course it was your "Shit List"!
Then I'll pass...
I think I'll pass on your "Hit List" as well!
And please, lets hope that I'm NOT on Shindler's List!
Maybe this is the only time in my life that I should hope to be...Listless?

Serena said...

Pugsley, if I were better at Math, I might have lifted your retirement plan, but you don't have to worry about that. Me picking numbers is not a good strategy.;)

Thank goodness your SIL is handy, Marion. Every little bit helps! How the heck is Patti? I wish I had access to her right now. I'm fixin' to do something extreme to my head and am analyzing the odds of whose hands to put it in. Lord help me! Keep up the walking, and make Ray keep up. It really is good for you.xoxo

No hit or shit lists, Mr. G. More like friendly reminders to self, which would be moi, about this, that, and the other -- which all has to be pulled together into some semblance of sense at some point.:P

snowelf said...

lists...yea..confession--I'm neurotic...obsessed with lists in a bad, bad way. I make lists of everything. My phone has a shopping list app and I have like ten lists going on right now. what I need to do tomorrow, what rooms I scrub on what days each week, what activities the chilis have, grocery store lists...

So if you need any help, let me know. Or maybe I just need help? ;P


Serena said...

God knows I need all the help I can get, Miss Snow. I really only need one very good, all encompassing list, and who better than my "Adopted Daughter" to help me out with it? The only thing the list has to do is ... tell me what to DO. You in?:)