Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wooly Bullies

Do you know what the little fellow in the picture is? He's a wooly worm, also known as a wooly bear worm.

Old-timers swear by them in forecasting the weather. Supposedly, the size of the brown band of color will tell you whether the coming winter will be mild or harsh. They say that if the little booger has thin reddish-brown bands, it's going to be a harsh winter. If he has the reddish-brown bands just around the middle, however, the winter should be mild.

I've seen a bunch of wooly worms the last couple of days, and they looked completely dark brown, even black, to me. Very wooly, but definitely solid colored. I didn't see stripes. What do you suppose that means?

Your Zombie Name is Thriller



G-Man said...

You be a Thrilla
And a Killa?
Is your boyfriend Godzilla?

Serena said...

Well, maybe sometimes he thinks he is.;)