Monday, October 18, 2010

They Say It's Monday

I wish they'd bring Lost back. It's good to have lost souls to root for, those with way more inexplicable questions and obstacles than the average person.

Continuing on to the Halloween countdown, here's today's Blogthing. And may I say it's truly stupid.

You Are a Vampire

Like a vampire, you can be a bit cold and heartless at times. You are very calculating.

You think with your head, and you know better than to follow your heart.

While you are as thick skinned and resourceful as a vampire, you aren't necessarily as evil.

You can easily manipulate people into doing what you want. Whether you actually choose to manipulate them or not is a different matter.


Skunkfeathers said...

A nasty rumor, propped up by an out-of-date calendar, illegally funded by the Left of Whacked Outs for the Perpetuation of Chronological Dysfunctions, who didn't pay for this comment. I am me, and I approve of broiled and fried crustaceans.

G-Man said...

Cold, Heartless????
You are warm, careing, and beautiful.
Zombie-Like at times, but in a good way!

Serena said...

Skunk, my dear, don't you just hate those stupid rumors put out by the LOWOFTPOCD? And that acronym -- sounds like a Viking spitting. But never mind that -- bring on the broiled and breaded fried crustaceans. With fries. And hush puppies. I highly approve!:-)

There are days when I'm cold, G. Like, when the thermometer says it's cold. And I suppose I can be pretty heartless dealing with morons sometimes. But give me a sunny day in a moron-free zone and I'm a pretty decent Zombie at heart.:-)