Friday, October 15, 2010

Serena's Friday Playdate

Holy jumpin' hallelujah, it's at long last Friday! I'm going to the grocery store and plan to lay in a supply of junk food, and then I'm going to rest. For a while, anyway; I agreed to do a box full of work (which Skank Girl brought over last evening) for the crazy ex-Boss Lady this weekend. There's enough work, and I charge enough, that I'll make darn near enough to pay the rent. Not too shabby! And it's payday at my main job, which will magically appear in my bank account sometime this morning. I have a cold and a sore but slowly healing bone on top of being just generally tired, and it's quite chilly out, so I'm seeing a long nap under a cozy quilt in my future this afternoon. TGIF!

Play with the Blogthings, which are admittedly stupid; i.e., there's not a whit of truth to my results as far as I can tell. Except maybe for that last one; I can see a bit of me in there. But remember -- they're an antidote to boredom and they're cheaper than therapy. Do them, share your results, and go have a lovely weekend.

Your Cute Monster Says Your Inner Demon is Greed

You are a very natural, real person. You're comfortable with who you are - and your spirit truly shines through.

You are free of inhibitions and hang ups. Because of this freedom, you tend to be very creative.

You can't help but lust after wealth and shiny objects.

People think you're cute because you are so lively. Your natural glow makes you charming.

You Are a Serial Killer Movie

You find the evil of other people to be fascinating, and you are obsessed with the twisted minds of serial killers.

Forget the devil, vampires, or random monsters... no one is capable of as much terror as a human is.

You love the psychological drama and mystery that comes with serial killer films. Being scared is just not enough for you!

You like films that explore the sick killings of a murderer... the sicker the better. You go for movies like Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, and Zodiac.

You Are a Carnival Mask

You are flirtatious, charming, and seductive. You are both mysterious and alluring.

You know how to dance the steps, no matter what the dance is. You always know what the next move should be.

You are good at drawing people in but not letting them get too close. You know how to be wanted.

You prefer to be understated than over the top. You never want to be seen as trying too hard.


Jannie Funster said...

I wish some money would magically appear in my back account this morning! :)

I am a serial killer. Well, in movies I mean. :)

Sorry about your cold sore, that sucks. have a great loooong nap.

Roxan said...

Your Cute Monster Says Your Inner Demon is Melancholy
You are a well balanced person. You have all aspects of your life happily in order.
Whenever you have a choice in life, you try to choose the middle path.

You can be a bit moody at times.
People think you're cute because you are easy going. Your live and let live attitude is charming.

I'm a serial killer movie too, but only if there are zombies involved!! Whoever made up that quiz is stupid and need to be Dextered. LOL

Here we go again. Another stupid quiz maker. Carnival mask? I think NOT. More Dexter treatments needed!

Serena said...

LOL, Jannie, I don't have a cold sore. That WOULD be adding insult to injury. The nap was terrific, but not long enough.:)

Don't send Dexter after the quiz makers, Roxan. They try; they just ain't so bright all the time. And they ARE cheap.:-)

Marion said...

Happy TGIF, to you, too!! I had to go to my periodontist today. It was a hoot. The lady who does my cleaning is a private investigator on the side and she regales me with stories while I 'float'. (She says, "How much gas do you want? Relax, Destress, or Party Hard?") Of course, I always choose the last one. LOL!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. The weather is amazing here, just scarily perfect. Blessings!!

Serena said...

That "party hard" option sounds great, Marion. I need to start going to the periodontist. Have a perfect weekend with that perfect weather!:)

G-Man said...

Pace yourself Sherry...
Don't overdue it!!
Think of the money
Serenity Now.....

Serena said...

Gotcha, G. Pacing. Now what?:-)