Monday, May 03, 2010

Hot Time In The Old Town

It was such a hot weekend here! And I'm not talking anything titillating, illicit, or fun. It was nearly 90 degrees yesterday. Ugh! I know I was complaining about cold and snow not long ago, but I am not ready yet for this kind of heat.

I'm really glad I took my pup to the groomers last weekend and got her a haircut. She'd have been miserable in this cloying, moist heat with long hair.

I had two other pictures of her to show you, but stupid Blogger wouldn't cooperate. Maybe another time.

I'm having baby birdies again this year. Or one, anyway. Purple Finches have once again built a nest in my hanging patio basket of flowers. As of this evening, there was only one egg in it, but I'm guessing the little mama will lay more. There were six last year. I tried to get a picture of the perfect little nest and the beautiful blue egg, but it didn't come out. Stupid camera didn't cooperate, either.

I'm in the Land of Lunacy today, but wishing all of you a Happy Monday. I'm working only three days this week; I have plans for a long weekend.


Skunkfeathers said... birds eggs here (save for the chicken ones in the 'frig); no 90 degrees (target of 67 later), and the flu is finally gone (I think).

A better week be yours!

Marion said...

About the heat: I KNOW!!! It's too weird...we had an entire month of perfect weather, then, BOOM, syrupy humidity overnight. Then late yesterday afternoon, it left as suddenly as it had come and it's another beautiful day today. Sigh. I just loooove the South! Have a great week, SJ! Blessings!

G-Man said...

You make your poochie sleep by the door?
Dang Sherry....

Serena said...

Ooo, Skunk, I'll trade you another dozen chicken eggs for a temperature of 67. That sounds like heaven right about now! I HOPE that flu is gone.:)

I loooove the South, too, Marion, devil weather and all. I wouldn't live anywhere else, but the humidity sure can be enough to make a nun cuss. I think I made the quota for a whole convent yesterday. Happy Monday, hon!:)

Now, Galen, you know that dog sleeps anywhere she wants. She picked that spot because it felt cool on her tummy, I think. And then she got up and moved into the kitchen, where the floor was even cooler.:-)