Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dead Monitors, Brillo Heads, and Babies

The humidity yesterday was, in a word, ungodly. Even with AC, my clothes felt like they were stuck to me all day. By 8:00 A.M., never mind my best efforts, my hair looked like a brillo pad -- except my bangs, which were plastered to my forehead. It was just miserable. Mercifully, the humidity has broken up today and it's cooler.

Poor Skank Girl came in yesterday morning and her monitor was dead. Every weekend, Boss Lady comes into the office and does something to screw up the computers. Last Monday, it was so bad that we had to call The Computer Guy and it took him three hours to get us back up and running. He had to come back yesterday to work on SG's monitor for over an hour. BL screams when she has to pay him, but it's her own damn fault.

She gave me a list of stuff to do yesterday and, down toward the middle of it, she asked me to prepare the exhibits for an EDA (equitable distribution) hearing. Tomorrow (meaning today)! I've never prepped an EDA from scratch, and she knows that, so I did the best I could with it. I spent about three hours on it, and I did get a "looks nice" from her -- and no screaming. A no-screaming event is like the Holy Grail around there these days.

Sunday when I looked in "my" bird's nest, there was only one egg. Last evening, there were two. I guess Little Mama is only laying one a day. They're pale blue, and very tiny -- about the size of marbles. The nest is wreaking havoc on the flowers in my basket, but that's okay. I'm looking forward to the chirps of tiny hatchlings in a few weeks.


G-Man said...

A few more and it's Eggs over Easy, Hash browns and Toast!

Marion said...

Love your nest picture! If our weather comes to you, you'll be happy. The humidity lifted yesterday. Hooray! Good luck with your 'project' and may the Force be with you. ;-) Blessings!!

Serena said...

Not on MY watch, Galen. That's awful!:)

We did get your weather, Marion, and it feels wonderful. The "project" backfired and I'll have a story to tell tomorrow.:)

quid said...

Beautiful birds nest... funny office story. I'm glad you had a non-screaming day. My own Cruella was actually in a good mood yesterday. Guess it was a phase of the moon.


Serena said...

Well, the non-screaming didn't last, Quid. Stay tuned.