Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I never did get around to actually writing anything for today, so why don't we just do this stupid quiz instead. It's actually not that easy, so don't look at the answers that the stupid thing posted in my results.

It's one of those doo-dah days around here, you know what I mean? I have nothing, yay or nay, much to say. I have a dozen things I need to do, but y'all don't need to be bored to tears with the boring details.

I will say that my little bird's nest is now filled with jelly bean sized eggs so, in a couple of weeks, there will be babies chirping above my patio. Yay!

Have a good Tuesday!

The World's Easiest Quiz

My Quiz Result: You have passed the world's easiest quiz. You gave more right answers than wrong. The correct answers are below:

1. The hundred years war lasted 116 years.
2. Ecuador makes Panama hats.
3. We get catgut from sheep and horses.
4. Russians celebrate the October revolution in November.
5. A camel's hair brush is made of Squirrel fur.
6. The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after Dogs. Its Latin name was insularia Canaria - island of Dogs.
7. King George VI's first name was Albert.
8. A purple finch is crimson in color.
9. Chinese gooseberries are from New Zealand.
10. The color of the black box in a commercial airplane is orange.
11. The thirty years war lasted thirty years, of course.

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G-Man said...

I have a joke in the form of a riddle..

Whats round on the ends and Hi in the middle?

Thank you Devo...

Serena said...

You know I'm no good at riddles, Galen. I have no clue. Ho-Hos? Ding-Dongs? Devil-Dogs?:P