Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Week's Best E-Mail

This tickled my funnybone. Chances are, it will yours, too. Even if it doesn't, hey, it's Hump Day -- and that's always fun.

When Sign Makers Ain't So Bright

BTW, things are very crazy at work between the landlords and the poor beleaguered tenant. I'm expecting an explosion of some sort any time now.

Happy Hump Day!


G-Man said...

I bet some poor saps Toyota just got totaled in Kenya!!!

Serena said...


snowelf said...

Oh. My. That sign is great.

I am still in a state of dropped jaw at the craziness going on at your job. I don't even thing you can make stuff like that up--but I DO think you should start wearing flame retardant clothing to work. And maybe keep a helmet under your desk! You know, just in case.


Roxan said...

That looks like a sign you might find in my neck of the woods. We have deer, but the people here aren't too bright. They'd actually believe a sign with an elephant. LOL

Anonymous said...


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Serena said...

No way could I make up all that craziness, Snow. Which is why it's all going into a new novel as soon as I can muster up the energy. I won't have to make up a thing! Good idea about the helmet. I should probably do that.:)

LOL, Roxan. I wonder what they'd do if somebody actually put up the sign. Would they think there were suddenly elephants in them there woods, or that the deer had suddenly grown trunks and tusks?:-)

Happy Hump Day to YOU, /t. Enjoy!;)