Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
I feel like beating up on some blasfomy today. Words Gone Wild are little, they're puny, and they can't fight back, so it's pretty safe. It's nearly Halloween and there's a full moon coming and, besides, it's Thursday, so we have a good excuse for beating the stuffing out of them. Let's just ... do it.

These are WordVers -- you know, those pesky, tricky non-words (so why do they call them Word Verification?!) you have to type in before you can comment on some blogs. In honor of the season, we'll call them Werewords today. I made a little one-sentence story with them. What will you do with them? Because you know you have to do something. Them's the rules.


Besph sesse Philyi is a dhoxac wherserr, and I believe her -- although I think he's also a mysigl duethesp full of colog.

And these are Twisted Linguistics Words Gone Wild culled from various dark holes on the Internet. I know and you know that you would just love to define them for me, so you'd better get started. And the more you make me laugh, the more imaginary points you'll get. Chop-chop!

theis country
pick up an ore and rowe

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Anonymous said...

loved the
flashing hooters

i know, i'm pathedic,


× × ×


Serena said...

You have a vivid imagination today, /t., because I gotta tell you, they look covered up to me! But hey, as long as you enjoyed 'em... And you used one of the creepy words, so you get one of my imaginary points. Happy Thursday!:-)

dons_mind said...

hmmm some fine lookin witches you have there Serena! :)

Skunkfeathers said...

duethesp: boinking a Broadway actress

philyi: mug widda nudda belt, hooha!

sesse: an exceptional sissy

wherserr: asking for directions with no expectation of getting any

besph: an award winning fart

dhoxac: that thing that hangs below a diaphragm, causing belches

mysigl: not your sigl

colog: danged sure ain't a yule log...

reemed: try the same laxative again, the last dose didn't work

pathedic: the Viagra didn't work

theis country: really bad redneck speak, letting someone else try their luck

cusion: trying to swear when gagging on cous cous

bachlor: a book of fables

happends: shit

phedophile: fetish for Treasury employees

defensivable: Caine can't sneak up on him easily...

pick up an ore and rowe: pick a fight with a rock sample

Serena said...

I'm delighted you like my witches, Don. Happy Halloween!:)

LOL, Skunk! I can always count on you to explain these werewords. I can't tell you how ecstatic I am to finally learn what a besph is. Must have something to do with that reemed thing. I'm not real sure what you said about philyi, but it made me laugh out loud. Um, do I want to know if phedophiles wear black leather and carry whips? Happy Halloween!:-)

Ruela said...

I love Halloween ;)

try here Serena


Serena said...

Thanks for the link, Ru. NOW I know what they were talking about. Yeah! Now we're in the mood for Halloween. Have a devilishly happy Halloween!;)

Brian Miller said...

oh wow. loved the flickering pic!

Brian Miller said...

oh wow. loved the flickering pic!

Serena said...

Thank you, Brian. Happy Halloween!:)