Tuesday, September 08, 2009

With A Little Help From My Friends

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Seriously, how do you feel about playing doctor? I'm soliciting remedies from you guys today. What have you got for (1) headaches and (2) doggie diarrhea? #2, no pun intended, is the most serious because my doggie has it again and I can't afford another $400 trip to the vet just yet. The headaches are mine and don't result from any dread condition or mortal illness; they're pure tension (and doggie diarrhea doesn't help them). Getting rid of stress would instantly eviscerate them, but that ain't in the cards just yet. These things take time. Lots of time, apparently.

So I'm in dire need of some interim cures. It doesn't matter whether it's a folk remedy, miracle dietary secret, a witch doctor recipe, a potion handed down from your great-granny, or Voodoo. All I'm interested in are results, and I don't care how I get them. I want the headaches gone, but I'm more interested in plugging up the poor pup's loose bowels.

Let's hear what you've got.

Oh, and Happy Tuesday!


G-Man said...

Iamb's Prostora Max...
For the doggie Not You!!!

You need some 'herbal solutions'!

Now, show me yours and I'll......

Roxan said...

Do NOT buy Iams. Sorry G-Man, but they are the worst and they do testing on animals and I don't mean taste tests. They kill the animals to see the effects of their food on the system.
Give pup a food rest for 24 hours. Make sure pup has plenty of water. Then start a bland diet.


Anonymous said...

to be humorous
with subjects like these

and to make matters worse, i have no potions or ideas to cure you and doggie friend -- only sincere best wishes to you both


× × ×


Serena said...

Galen, you mean like cumin and thyme and pepper and stuff?:-)

Thanks for that link, Roxan. I'm going to read it in-depth after I get out of here today.:)

Thanks, /t. Hopefully, these maladies will be short-lived.:)

Anonymous said...

long-lived :)


puerileuwaite said...

For #1: I recommend a STEADY diet of alcoholic beverages. The key is to drink in moderation* (* Caution! This may not be possible for natural redheads! Consult your therapist for non-holistic alternatives), and never go more than 1-hour between portions. This will also benefit your work experience and love life (perhaps even at the same time).

For #2: Every vet on the planet seems to recommend mixing cooked plain white rice into the dog chow (I agree with Roxan BTW on her Iams remark ... their testing created this particular monster ... before Iams, I was destined to strictly write romance novels). Either they know something that we do not, or they are in bed with the Converted Rice people. Regardless, if you follow my advice for addressing #1, #2 frankly will not matter as much as it has. You could learn to live with it.

Serena said...

Thank you, /t. One would hope so. Preferably, sans headaches and diarrhea.:)

I don't think your headache cure would work for me, Pugsley. More than a small amount of imbibing gives me an awful headache, which would kind of defeat the purpose. I'm all over your diarrhea cure, though. I should have known the Top Pug would be on top of this. Rice is the panacea! More about that tomorrow.;)

And may I say that now that I know about Iams, I won't be purchasing any of their products. I never, but never knowingly use any products whose manufacturers engage in animal testing -- other than letting hungry pups taste-test their chow.

All that being said, no amount of alcohol could induce me to embrace the concept of canine diarrhea. So if you could set that aside and write a Romance novel, I'd be happy to edit and/or review it for you!:-)

G-Man said...

Geeez, I feel like Dr. Mengele...

Serena said...

Oh, nonsense, Galen. I didn't know about Iams, either. We both got educated. Now we'll know what we're doing when we play doctor.;)