Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

What would you think about writing a paragraph with the help of the following list of Words Gone Wild blasfomys? You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you? You know you would. And even if you wouldn't, I want you to do it anyway. For me. You wouldn't deny me, would you? Shoot, I'll even do it first -- words my mother always dreaded to hear come out of my mouth. Here are your words and phrases. Write me something. Please.

what he do
thinking cleary
sinked to an all time low
wolly mamoth

I wish I had a wolly mamoth -- which I guess is some kind of cross between a moth and an elephant. If I had one, I could pet and pamper him and cajole him into explotive the obsurd pests who cause me grief. Yes! I would call him Wally. My Wally would be my bodygaurd. What he do is, he step on the pests. Blow them up with powerful mamoth gas. Head-butt them with his long tusks. Strangelhold them in his smelly fur. Even bite them with his big teeth. Those towering wolly mamoths have a cohercion tallent for that. I suspect that if the pests are Catholism, they would lose their thinking cleary relgiion pretty quick and start crying. I am not a villan who has sinked to an all time low. I have scruptinized my motives and decided that I just don't like imbiciles.

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That's Wally. Isn't he cute? Slightly bald, but cute.


G-Man said...

One day Britney Spears had an obsurd cohercion. She was gonna be thinking cleary for once, and show those imbicles in the 8th grade that she had explotive tallent!
She was gonna wite a short story..
"A very mean villan once sinked to an all time low. He was gonna rob a church! He didn't like Catholism cause he didn't have no relgiion. So this is what he do. He scruptinized the cathedral, and seen that it didn't have any gaurds to strangelhold. He sneaked in, took all the change by the candles, and went strait to the nearest hore house. But he didn't have a very good time, because he was a oriental man and his peckerwood was a might tiny. To him all of their wollys was mamoth, and he felt like he was throwin a hot-dog down a hall-way"!!
Her teacher gived her a D!!!
And a Big one at that!

Wow Sherry...I felt that it was I that 'sinked to an all time low"!

Serena said...

Well, I think we both sinked to an all time low today, Galen. But that's okay! Your little story made me laugh really hard, and it felt damn good.:-)

Ruela said...

nice ;)

Anonymous said...


  simulated faith

× × ×


Serena said...

Hi, Ru. You didn't write me a "story?" Well, I forgive you.;)

There's entirely too much simulated stuff in the world, don't you think, /t.? We need stimulation, not simulation.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

What he do while thinking cleary was to make a villan of the imbiciles that visited a crotch cricket ranch, which sinked to an all time low the collective, but maximizing the profit for the leader, explotive character she was, who ran a mobile crotch cricket ranch on herself, whose cohercion was manifested in the strangelhold she held on absolute stupidity as a crutch to help her overcome the Catholisim that had been once a relgiion of faith amongst the now thoroughly-indoctrinated crickets, and she would gaurd their compound resolutely, scruptinized closely by her. Tallent being obsurd to her, she'd let in a wolly mamoth to the compound, if she thought it'd fit in there and could contribute something useful with its trunk. Sick broad, eh?

Serena said...

LMAO, Skunk. I love your little parable of a sick broad and her obsurd notions.:-)