Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

ImageChef Word Mosaic -
Today, I come bearing weird WordVerification blasfomy. And no complaints, please -- they came from those of you with the WordVer feature enabled. And what are we going to do with them? Why, I'd like you to write me poetry with them. I've been poetry-deprived for way too long. Have fun!

Here are your words:



G-Man said...

When I think of Red, I think of Conjo.
My prial jumps and beats like a bongo.
Your shapely legs, and perfect hips,
Your chiandip begs, for my wanting lips..
Your loteru is HOT, it's always on firor,
I'm kinda smart, but you are slyre!
Comeade my quest for some razzmatazz, some Voodoo Chile and some sweet undaz.
You may think this poem is quite a Gyp, but what'cha expect from a womityp?

Oh yeah Baby...This is YOU!!!

Serena said...

By golly, Galen, you have outdone yourself, you womityp, you. It IS a poem! It not only has cadence and meter, but it also rhymes. And better than any of that, it made me bust out laughing. THAT'S what it's all about.;)

Skunkfeathers said...

conjo: conjo mama outta mo dat!

prial: soap that sticks to things

chiandip: dip made from chiapets

loteru: Russian lotto

firor: ready, aim...

slyre: a sly liar

comeade: whoa, you ain't gonna make a drink outta THAT, are ya?

undaz: a very sucky performance

womityp: another way to get man out of woman...

Serena said...

I am LMAO, Skunk. And I'm also in awe that you actually managed to define those, er, words. Great job!:)