Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

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WordVer Blasfomy

Today's Words Gone Wild weren't taken from the usual sources, but they are blasfomys. You know that Word Verification feature that some of you have? These are some of the weird WordVers that I've been forced to type over the past week in order to receive dispensation to comment. I'm not sure what to do with them. I suppose you could define them. Or, better yet -- write limericks with them. Whatever you decide to do will be fine. Just ... do something.


Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

serena joy,

this is for you

there once was a skanky grizarpu
whose crotch crickets grew fzysxyuc pu
so to balance malogic
she'd tubretio coutt ogic
and wound up in deep firediap pu


¤ ¤ ¤


Serena said...

Ooooo, a blasfomyous limerick. I can't read it out loud, but I love it! Thank you very much, /t.:)

G-Man said...

You save or remember your word verifications?
What a mind!

A beautiful Red Head named Sherry.
Had a memory so good it was scary.
She knew all the masses
From From Radford to Manassas,
And also from Danville to Mt. Airy!


Mona said...

grizarpu : grizzly bear's bizzare potty!

fzysxyuc : A fizzy drink may make you feel sexy ,you see...

malogic : distorted logic

tubretio : fellatio given in a tub

coutt : count me out ( of this)

firediap : a diaper on fire

G-Man said...



Sherry, is this true?

Roxan said...


I had a great response that would have firediap the entire internet but as I stood on the coutt think up malogic thoughts my tubretio suddenly gave out and I found myself in severe fzysxyuc while I fell into the grizarpu. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Serena said...

Well, I get bored, Galen. So yes, I made a list of recent WordVer atrocities. There IS a full moon alert on, you know. I love your limerick about some redheaded non dog-faced chick named Sherry, albeit you didn't use the words in its composition. You still get an A for effort.;)

Very excellent definitions, Mona! I have to confess, though, that I'm not going to touch that tubretio one. Unh-unh! And ... flaming diapers?! Oh, my!!:-)

And no, Galen, don't ask me if it's true. See above: I ain't touching that.:-)

I love your little story, Roxan! See how these ridiculous words can be twisted and crafted into something that will make me laugh? Gotta love it! And knowing me as well as you do, you know we'll be doing this little exercise again.:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

grizarpu: poop from a stoned bear

fzysxyuc: what SG's crotch crickets say of her flavor

malogic: thinking marxism will cure hellthcare

tubretio: a fat Italian tenor

coutt: Minen VW machinen vorken okay, but it coutt not passen das Volvo mitte spitzen sparken undt das fat assen midda crotch cricketens in das driven seaten.

firediap: my iap was insubordinate, so I fired it

Serena said...

You nailed this mess of WordVers, Skunk. I'm laughing my butt off at your interpretation of coutt. I laughed even more of it off when I read it aloud. We're definitely doing this more often. It's exercise for keeping a trim butt and a fount of giggles at the same time. Doesn't get much better than that.;)

g-man said...

I'll take an A for effort, but I'd still like to check out that tubretio....;-) A is OK.

Serena said...

I'm sure there are a few places where they're doing tutorials, Galen, but you'll have to do the Mapquest searches yourself. Meanwhile, you're just going to have to be content with your A.:)