Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
The Twisted Linguistics posse was on a mission this week. We wanted Words Gone Wild, dead or alive, and we hauled 'em in -- more dead than alive, if you ask me. Damned blasfomys!

Anyway, here they are. I found 'em; you do something with them. The podium is yours today and you have free rein to do anything you want to them. All I ask is that you have some fun with them -- and making me laugh would be a huge bonus. After the week I've had, I need it! Among other things, I've got a big Skank Girl update for you soon. Here's a little teaser: I just found out that she's been in prison twice in the past nine years for various types of thieving. What a class act!

So, okay, here are the blasfomys. Go for it.

dentured servant
porm gown

Happy Thursday!


g-man said...

Hour 6 of "Live Channel 4 News Update...

Hi folks..Wild Bill Bozo reporting live from the beer tent at this years Ocotber-Fest!
I've had Numberous pitchers of beer, and I've come Dislcose to spewing a Kelidascope of beer and brats. Apearantly by brain is NOT in Sympatico, with my stomach.
I've fetched so many beers for my camera crew, that I feel like a Dentured Servant. I don't think I can drive home from here, can someone call me a Limazine? It's kinda warm for this time of year, I shouldn't have worn this Tucksedo. If I could, I'd take a Powter, and I'b be off like a Porm Gown..later...Gonna hurl!!

Gosh Sherry, I must like you a lot, I don't think that I've ever done a whole one of these.. :P

Serena said...

Well, of course you do, Galen. What's not to like?!:-) Good job with the crimes against words. Made me laugh. Extra points for you.:)