Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun With Twisted Linguistics

Vincent: Jesus Christ.
Jules: Don't blaspheme.
Vincent: Goddamn.
Jules: I said don't do that!

It's TL Thursday around here -- Blasfomy Day. We're going to fill in the blanks with today's Words Gone Wild, so put on your thinking caps, fill those blanks, and make me laugh. I need it. Bad.

Here are the blankety-blank blasfomys:

sluffed off - Hector shrugged and sluffed off Tom's _______.

I'm egar for it - Buford said, "I'm egar for it!" when Donna offered him ________.

edditing - Julia works in New York City, edditing ________.

possable - Rev. Hellfire promised that with _________, all things are possable.

envolved - Larry and Dawn were envolved in _________.

detremental - ________ is detremental to one's general well-being.

perdictions - Sadie, reading Nostradamus, thought his perdictions were _________.

senerio - Quentin Tarantino will be using a _______ senerio for his next movie.

doenst - Edgar asked Harvey, "Doens't Mabel _________?"

condolensces - Maurice sent Heather his condolensces on the loss of her _________.

I wanted to show y'all a video but embedding has been disabled on every one I could find, so just run over to YouTube and "search" for Susan Boyle. You're going to see a very matronly looking, rather homely 47-year-old Scottish woman who says she's never even been kissed stating matter of factly that she aspires to be a singer, but I promise you your jaws are going to drop when you hear the first couple of notes out of her mouth. She is phenomenal!

Have a Happy Thursday.


Skunkfeathers said...

sluffed off: platypus' insults

I'm egar for it: a sandpaper wedgie

edditing: the NYT

possable: road kill

envolved: envelope sealance

detremental: biting firecrackers

perdictions: perniciously predicated on prognosticatable presumptions

senerio: llama sex with stuffed animals

doenst: flatulate in milk

condolensces: neti pot

G-Man said...

You Tube...?
I can do that:-)

Serena said...

Dang, Skunk, you succeeded in making me laugh when I thought NOTHING could today. It was, after all, a detremental day for me, when I might as well have been biting firecrackers. Damn if you didn't use all the blasfomys in sentences. Kudos!:-)

I know you can, Galen, but did you? If you listened, what did you think?:)

puerileuwaite said...

I try to avoid all things Scottish. I worry that they view me as a food item.

Serena said...

Now, now, Pugsley -- Serena is part Scottish. I won't say which part, but I will say that you are safe. You're a Pug, not a sheep.:-)