Tuesday, February 17, 2009


If it's Tuesday, it's News Day. Alas, I can't pick a story. There's just too much bad news. Mercy. Líbrame!

Crude prices are way down. Why aren't gasoline prices?

What's with this Illinois Senator Roland Burris? Appointed by the recently deposed Governor Rod Blagoidiotjevich, we know this can't be kosher. With the conflicting statements dripping off his forked tongue, he needs to go back whence he came and allow the Illinois lawmakers to fill that Senate seat in an honorable, impeccably clean manner. And he needs to do it now. The sooner he quietly resigns, the less likely it is that the stink of this whole mess will adhere to his coattails any worse than it already has. If the man is without blemish, let him seek the seat in the normal manner when it's next available.

In Virginia, the cops are clamoring for permission to begin using voice stress analyzers. Supposedly, this technology measures inaudible vibrations of the voice for signs of deception. Like polygraphs, the results are inadmissible in court. I've never felt much confidence in evidence that isn't admissible in a court of law. If I were scared to death because I'd been accused of a crime and was surrounded by cops, what are the odds that I'd fail a polygraph even if I were as innocent as the driven snow? The same holds true of voice analysis. I would think that if I had a cold or some other ailment, or was simply nervous, my odds of flunking would increase. In my opinion, if it's inadmissible, it's hoo-doo science. I don't think the legislation allowing use of this piece of Big Brotherish technology should be passed.

Meanwhile, the economy is still in the toilet with no sign of the Roto-Rooter guy on the horizon. Maybe I'll find you some good news next week. Maybe we'll do crossword puzzles instead. Have a Happy Tuesday, though.


puerileuwaite said...

I'll try. Oops! Did I say it with the proper inflection? Please don't send Super Troopers over to my place! I'll be good!

puerileuwaite said...

(p.s. - Wasn't Virginia one of THE original colonies ... where people fled to pursue freedom and AVOID persecution? Just wondering ...)

NYD said...

Gas prices aren't lowering because they bought the crude when the dope was at a premium, thus the pass the cost onto users situation.

Now I was also going to say that instead of better technology for patrolmen they ought to hire smarter cops, but I do realize that is an oxmoron these days.

When I was a kid, there was a neighborhood beat cop who could tell if you were lying to him even before you opened your mouth.
I hated the sonuvabitch!
He busted me twice, the prick!

Kanrei said...

Well...I'm just gonna go back to bed now and hide under the sheets. Good news....um...well....there's, no.....um.......what about...no, that was kind of sad actually...well, there was....no, he died. Damnit!

Roxan said...

I have a plan for my financial future. First I'm going to get impregnated with 10 babies, then I'm going to go to the next Obama rally and whine about having to live out of my Bonneville.
I can't wait for all the stuff he's going to give me! I be ridin' the train to easy town.

Sarcastic enough?

g-man said...

Low crude oil prices?
Is your wallet heavier?
Something is amiss!!!!

...Your Political Haiku for the day!

Get Some Rest!!!!!!!

Serena said...

Your inflection was fine, Pugsley. Hopefully, good enough to keep the troopers with their analyzer thingies away from your door.:)

Yes, Virgina was one of the cradles of freedom. No place for Big Brother if you ask me.

Well, I guess that answer about the crude makes sense, NYD. I hadn't thought about that. I guess when that's gone, then they'll really stick it to us. There were ladies in my neighborhood who could do the same thing your neighborhood beat cop did. They busted us all the time, too. Those were some scary ladies.:)

Come out from under those sheets, Kan. Right now. It ain't THAT bad.:-)

That could work, Roxan. I don't think anybody has done 10 before. You could pick up some real perks.:)

Alas, Galen, my wallet hasn't been heavy in quite a long time. I do need rest. I hab anudder bad code. I don't know when or where I'll find the time, though.:)

Anonymous said...

the good folks
of illinois might do
better to bring back the rotting
corpses of al capone and bugsy malone to sit in office than try to deal with the current crop of crooks & liars


¤ ¤ ¤


Serena said...

I doubt that Al and Bugsy could do any worse, /t. Happy Hump Day!:)

snowelf said...

Whoo hoo! Gas went down today! It's 1.99 here again. I can live with it as long as it stays around 2.00... it's not the greatest, but it's certainly more tolerable!

Happy Hump Day!:)


Serena said...

It's still $1.85 here, Snow. Tolerable enough, I guess. Happy Hump Day.:)