Thursday, January 08, 2009

Payback Is Hell

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Tuesday, it rained cats and dogs all day and all night. By Wednesday morning, some of the area streams were overflowing their banks. But at least the rain had stopped -- only to be replaced by ferocious winds. I'm not kidding, when I was out walking the dog last night, it was all I could do to keep my feet on the ground. I'm a fairly slight person but, geez, I weigh enough that I should be safe from being blown to Oz by some errant Hell wind. It blew and it blew all night long -- which was fine once I was in bed. I love to lie in bed and be lulled to sleep by pouring rain and/or howling winds. I'm funny that way. It's not so great when one has to be out and about in it, though. I had to go to the grocery store yesterday after work, and then schlep my stuff to the car. With the wind ripping at my clothes and whipping my hair around my face so I couldn't see, it's a wonder I didn't get run down in the parking lot. I'm sure I must have been a gorgeous sight out there, what with Medusa hair, red and runny nose, disheveled clothes, and raccoon eyes from smeared mascara. I don't know what I was thinking, not wearing my ruby slippers.

As I may have reminded you a time or two before, I'm not stupid. Therefore, I know what this is. This is payback for the hit I put out on the full moon last month. The damned thing escaped and now it's in position to wax full again Saturday night. It may think I don't see it sitting up there flexing its muscles and smirking with that vulpine grin, but it would be wrong. It should just cease and desist right now. It's not fooling anybody. Everybody knows it's pulling pranks and instigating weirdness all over, so it had better look out. As bright and portly as it is, why, it makes a fine target and I am trawling e-Bay for a bazooka. We'll see who has the last laugh. Shine on, voodoo moon. Yeah. Shine this.
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Meanwhile, TWISTED LINGUISTICS has a few choice evil voodoo blasfomys for you to play with.

certian age


/t. said...


a jailhouse
moonshine favored
by inmates and staff alike

happy thursday to you, serena joy

¤ ¤ ¤


Kanrei said...

Medusa hair, red and runny nose, disheveled clothes, and raccoon eyes from smeared mascara

Why no photo?

Bilbo said...

I could do something will all but two...

stuped - the clumsy foot that always seems to trip over everything in your path.

assitance - welfare payment you have to get up off your s to get.

kerosine - the fuel used to power old-fashioned oscilloscopes.

certian age - similar to the Victorian Age, but populated by people who absolutely, positively believe in Intelligent Design.

concider - The Decider, after the arrest.

excueses - The Egyptian Pharaoh who preceded Rameses, and was famous for not taking responsibility for anything.

Roxan said...

stuped- a bicycle specifically made for anyone with the name Stuart.

concider-Apple juice so bad its been denied parole.

Mona said...

Yea...the moon is upon us once again...

I hate winter rain! & the strong surface winds EWE!!

stuped : Student's pedicure ( at concessional rates)

ecspeciolly : a specs wearing Olly ( hardy, from laurel hardy movie)

assitance : stance that the ass takes

kerosine : someone's whose passions can be inflamed easily

certian age : Age of a cretin

concider : fake cider

watever : perennially flowing river

excueses : a cue that ex is trying to get away with it

Skunkfeathers said...

Those same winds paid us a visit yesterday: gusts over 100 mph knocked over a couple power poles in Boulder County, and burned about 8,000 acres before it was done.

Full moon revenge, eh? Maybe I'll send a full moon back at the full moon Saturday night ;) That'll learn it!

Serena said...

Thank you, /t., and wishes for a fine Thursday to you. Love your moonshine definition.:-)

Kan. Sweetie. When pigs fly. I strive at all times to avoid making you people sick, you know.:)

An excellent crop of definitions, Bilbo. Thanks!:)

Roxan, I love your explanation of "concider.":-)

What are we going to do about that moon, Mona? Good job with the "words.":)

Holy moly, Skunk. Your winds were much more evil than mine. Some power outages were about the worst of it here. Yeah, do that Saturday night. That'll either learn it or piss it off even more.:)

G-Man said...

A bright and portly moon?
Sounds just like my ass!!!
Lets cross our fingers when the 'waxing' occurs...;-)

Serena said...

You'd better hope that's not your butt, Galen, because I'm gunning for it. Geez, things are just getting weirder and weirder. I'm almost afraid to breathe 'til the damn thing goes on the wane.:-)