Monday, December 01, 2008

Somebody Stopped the Rain

I hope you all had a very pleasant holiday weekend and that your work week is off to a not-too-awful start.

It rained here Saturday and Sunday. I didn't quite need an Ark, but it was close. Well, maybe not that close, but by the time it finally stopped I was thoroughly sick of it and grateful that somebody pulled the plug. I mainly stayed in, curled up under a cozy throw with a book. At least it wasn't snow, and for that I am thankful. If I had to put up with snow up to my knees on top of the family drama I've been dealing with, I might well be in a rubber room today. Why do family members have to be crazy? Luckily, I'm good at letting stuff go in one ear and out the other and there's nary a snowflake in sight, so I figure I'm making out pretty darned good. Now, if I could just get everything else as neatly compartmentalized...

I suspect you're jonesing for a blasfomys fix by now, so here you go. Dr. Serena always delivers. Now if you'll just define them, we can all rock 'n roll.



G-Man said...

Trust me Sherry, 2 days of rain is MUCH better than the white covering that we just got. Family Drama is particularly unnerving since you just can't walk away from it, you were born into it!!
You absolutely define Serene Strength. You've done well Grass-Hopper...G

puerileuwaite said...

Every family has problems. I mean, watch "Leave It To Beaver" sometime. And don't get me started on how dysfunctional the Manson family was. In fact, I once went to The Olive Garden (where their theme of course is: "When you're here, you're family"), expecting a warm and nurturing environment. But instead I got yelled at for not taking out the garbage. And when I asked why I didn't get a salad, the waitress coldly hissed "I think you KNOW why".

Serena said...

I know it's said that you can't choose your relatives, Galen, but where is it written that you can't send 'em back? Their warranties have probably expired, but what the hell. So sorry about your heavy snow. I know it's a pain.:)

I think I had that same Olive Garden waitress, Pugsley. Next time that happens, slap her. Hard. She'll stop hissing.:)

Mona said...

I hate winter rain!

ailens : sick aliens

baterds : retards who are batty

wherer : the position of a mistake

approacable: an appropriate cable

typeo : O ( there i just did it!& In upper case too!)

tabbel: keeping tabs on the belle

busynesses : nexus in a hurry ( busy)

Skunkfeathers said...

We got snow, the day and evening after Thanksgiving. Just enough to remind us what time of year is near. More inbound tonight (though a miniscule amount according to the 50%-wrong-this-time-of-year forecasters).

May the rest of your year be the kind that puts smiles at a 100-1 advantage for you!

Skunkfeathers said...

BTW, I tried to trade in a couple relatives, and got told that without a receipt, no exchanges.

And that was the friggin' relative talking...hum, bahbug!

NYD said...

Crazy relatives did you say? Another reason I stay misplaced and far, far away.

ailens is actually AI Lens: A new type of lens which thinks for itself and makes you look fabulous in every photograph

baterds: That's what the obnoxious dickhead yells at you after you've broken his nose.
"You baterds, you fu**in baterds. I'll get you for this!"

Wherer: An illegal contraction that was originally a misdemeanor but is now a major felony due to the lack of an apostrophe.

approacable: A new cable tv company that onle broadcasts appropriate entertainment.

Typeo- tabble- busyness: this is how many of my students talk to me.

"I typeo me name in the supasu but you not be knowing me"
"Of course I put the fack an Kanife on the tabbel, nekist to the pulato"

"I will be busyness this weekend how abou chu"

VE said...

This is why I eliminate all relatives. The backyard is getting kind of full though...

Oh, and you have to vote for me today. I'm getting my butt kicked in the final for humor blogger of the year! Tell all your friends to come on by and help poor VE...

Serena said...

Funny definitions, Mona. I don't like winter rain, either; way too cold and raw for me.:)

Sorry about your snow, Skunk. Hope it doesn't portend a long, frigid, snowy winter. Yeah, what is this business about no relative exchanges? I think we need a lobbyist.:-)

So, VE, you don't have room for a few more in your back yard? I'm making my rounds now and will take care of you shortly.:)

REALLY crazy relatives, NYD. Could I interest you in a few of them? I can give you a good price. Love your definitions. They made me snort and snicker and forget about the batty kinfolk.:)