Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meme Me - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

This is a short Meme today, because we have other things to do. The Meme question of the day is: Does size matter? How concerned about size are you, and please clarify your reasons, when it comes to:

1. Sandwiches
2. Automobiles
3. Paychecks
4. Slurpees
5. Beds

You all know G-man. He's one of my most faithful readers and commenters, and you know what? Today's his birthday! It's only fitting that we throw him a little party, don't you think? - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Wish Mr. Galen a happy birthday and then please join me in writing him a little birthday limerick.

There's a burly guy named G-man,
From the frozen state of Michigan,
Who was born on the 10th of December,
So blow out a candle and help him remember,
That of cool he is the Sultan.

Happy Birthday, Galen!


VE said...

There once was a blogger named Galen
Who kept us amused without failin’
His Birthday is here
So pass out the beer
And help wash away what yer ailin’

G-Man said...

Awwww...Sherry, You are most kind to the G-Man, and I am much obliged! I'll even wade thru your Meme...

1..Sandwiches?..Big,meaty, and with butter on BOTH sides of the bread.
2..Cars? Size is not an issue.
3..Paychecks? The bigger the better!
4..Slurpees?..Big, and 1/2 Coke and 1/2 Cherry!
5..Beds?.I like cozy and comfort and not size.

Sherry, perky..petite..polite, and a lot of talent packed into such a tiny package..Thanks a Million for the Birthday Shout-Out...You make me smile....Galen

G-Man said...

Ha!!! 2 Limericks in one day?
Thanks VE...You Da Man!!

Anonymous said...

an auspicious
day this be then


¤ ¤ ¤ (for SJ not GM)


Kanrei said...

Happy Birthday G-Man!

Today is G-man's Birthday
How I wish I had something to say
But there is nothing in my head
Because mentally I am still in bed
But I wish you the best anyway

1. Sandwiches-smaller the better, my mouth ain't that big regardless of the opinions of others

2. Automobiles-Medium, I can't drive a big car, but I am 6'4, so the small ones don't work

3. Paychecks- medium, big pay usually involves harder work and I value my laziness more than cash.

4. Slurpees-small, I drink them fast and freeze my brain

5. Beds-To sleep big, but to make small.

Kanrei said...


Is there a webcam here now? How do you know she is doing that today?

Bilbo said...

I send birthday greetings to Galen
As through this hard life he goes sailin'.
But with postage as high
As an elephant's eye
A card I just will not be mailin'.

Mona said...

Galen a cool biker on the street
Rare medium anyway he loves his meat
When you sing 'happy birthday to you'
Instead of saying thank you
He asks you if you have bare feet!

Mona said...

After reading this I hear him guffaw
Much joy out of all this he draws
In that frozen Flushing
We can feel him blushing
Till all his numb toes are a thawed

Skunkfeathers said...

Wahl, Happy Birthday G-Man!

Size does matter:
Paychecks ;)
Beds (long as I fit on it)

Size don't matter:

G-Man said...

All you guys rock!!
Thanks again Miss Begotten, you have a very caring and talented group of friends here...
I'm very flattered....Galen

Serena said...

I'm happy that you've had a happy birthday, Galen. And you know I wish you many more.:)

VE, /t., Kan, Bilbo, Mona, and Skunk, thank you all for your participation in the natal festivities and for a dazzling array of witty limericks!

Kan, I have a small mouth, too, but I want as big a sandwich as I can get for my money. Cut 'em in two!:)

Happy Hump Day, /t. Somebody really ought to think about making this a national holiday every Wednesday.:)

I don't even drink Slurpees, Skunk, but I'm with you on the cars. For me, the tinier the better. You don't even want to know what kind of damage I can do with a big car.:)

They did do a great job of celebrating, didn't they, Galen? Happy Birthday!

NYD said...

1. Sandwiches: Like some other things in life, the more meat there is the better it is for you.

2. Automobiles: Hey, this is one area that style counts for a whole lot more than size. All I need from a car is to perform better than the others of it's kind and to make me look good. Wait that too is like some other things in life.

3. Paychecks. Lay it on me! Make it huge. Just give me the time to enjoy it as well.

4. Slurpees~ Make it a Vanilla shake and I'll say; 'Supersize me!'
5. Beds: I've always wanted a King-size bed, but there are times when sharing a sleeping bag has been total bliss.

G-Man, the guy youse call Galen,
Was jumpin and hoppin and wailin.
His birthday gifts, three.
All aimed to please
A redhead, a blond and Van Halen.

Happy birthday, G

Skunkfeathers said...

Serena, I know what kind of damage I can '98, I totalled mine and one twice it's size in one fell "oops" ;) And yes, that was the third concussion...

Serena said...

Ah, yes, NYD, ther's much to be said for the bliss of a cozy sleeping bag. And meat. Meat good. Love your limerick.:)

LOL, Skunk. My first car was WAY too big and I hit so much stuff with it that my friends started calling it The Meat Wagon.:-)