Monday, December 22, 2008

Counting Down

I have only two days to work this week, and then I'm off until January 5th. Believe you me, the countdown is on. Time off is what I need right now more than any other present on Earth. Bring it on!

How are you guys doing on your holiday preparations? Are you ready?

Although it's only Monday morning, I'm already out of energy -- but TWISTED LINGUISTICS did find you some fun blasfomys to play with.

waisting money - Money blown on diet aids that don't work.

presummed - Grocery tab that comes already totaled.



G-Man said...

Some folks are off....
Some folks HAVE TO WORK!!!!
You enjoy your time off Sherry, you certainly deserve it.....G

Mona said...

exparaments : old gear of paramilitary forces

edjucating : Ejaculating from mouth

minamum : a one minute mum

tecknology : art of knowing the technique

spiritality : art of being a spirit

ingerent : rent of living in

typacal : typing out the calculated pact

ishues : existing colors

snowelf said...

Serena, you make the most of every non working minute--that's an order from Snowelf, the elf of travel and vacationing.



Kanrei said...

Enjoy the time off for certain! I am only off Thursday and Friday each week, but a week off would be so much better! Happy happy and have fun!

/t. said...



and, edjucating:
didn't take, ask for a refund

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena said...

I plan to make the most of it, Galen. Merry post-Christmas to me.:-)

LOL at your word definitions today, Mona.:-)

Will do, Snow. I could never refuse an order from a Snowelf.:)

Thanks, Kan. Hope you have a Happy, Happy Holiday, too.:)

And a Merry Happy to you, /t. LMBO at your edjucating.:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

I completed my Xmas prep on Halloween. I have tomorrow to get through at work, to have a four day weekend off (first Xmas off work since '04). It sounds like I'll have to drive through something of a snowstorm to get to and from work tomorrow.

But I don't care ;) So's long as I am NOT revisited by the events of this past Sunday at work, any time soon (details of which coming to a blog I plink on, soon).

You have a wonderful, well-deserved and very merry break, a Merry Christmas, and a superb upcoming New Year, charming lady!

Serena said...

You've been ready since Halloween, Skunk? Boy, you're on the ball. Congrats on your 4-day break! Enjoy it, and have yourself a Merry, Merry Christmas.:)