Monday, October 20, 2008

Que será...

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Time has been on a roller coaster lately. I mean, it always moves pretty fast; has ever since I became an adult. How ironic that when I was a kid, I used to wish like crazy that time would pass faster. Recently, though, time has been passing at an insanely high rate of speed. Here it is almost Halloween and I haven't done a thing about it yet. I haven't decorated or bought candy, much less thought up something fun and spooky for the blog. I guess I'll get it all done, though; all in good time. Or not. I don't feel all that bad any more if I don't do something. The way I see it, it either gets done or it doesn't, and I don't waste a lot of time lamenting the "doesn't" column. Que será será.

How's your Monday going? Bearable? You're surviving all right? Good!

TWISTED LINGUISTICS has a few Monday blasfomys for you. Define 'em if you dare.

Peral Harbor


Bilbo said...

I can't do much will all of today's blasfomys, but a few just cry out for definition...

termineated - punishment meted out by the HR department to non-performing missionaries who fail in their attempts to convert cannibal tribes.

bakini - the two-piece garment worn by female pastry chefs in the Victoria's Secret Test Kitchen.

aethiest - he/she who is the most aethy.

snowelf said...

bilbo is so good at those! The bakini is great!! One of the funniest ones yet!!

yealed- what the bosses of yes men claim as self defense. "I was yealed."

And I agree--what is it that when I was little the holidays would take FOREVER and now that I'm all grown up, I never have enough time to get anything done??


puerileuwaite said...

Not to worry. Jamie Lee Curtis is still alive, so we still have time to don one-piece dark blue jumpsuits, white hockey masks, and go after her for good this time. ANYTHING to stop her obnoxious "know-it-all" commercial appearances.

Serena said...

This g****mn muthahonkin' Blogger! It just ate my friggin' comment and now I have to attempt to recreate. I HATE that!!!!!

Bilbo, you did a bang-up job with those few. "Termineating" is hysterical, and I'm chuckling out loud at your "bakini." Somehow, I suspect everybody's gonna want one of those for Christmas this year.:-)

Your "yealed" is pretty dang good, too, Snow. I hear you on the time thing. It's a conundrum. And a pain in the butt. Very cute new avatar pic, Missy.:-)

I don't have a hockey mask, Pugsley, but I can improvise. Jamie Lee has become TOO annoying, and not even Michael Myers can do anything about her now that she's eating that Activia stuff and sharting her pants. If we can find some jumpsuits left over from disco days, she's going down.:-)

FANCY said...

put your irresistible smile on and your dancing shoes ...the party is on...let the hips roll *LOL*

G-Man said...

When I was in college...I joined a Fraternity..Phi Delta Tau.
When I was a pledge and a 'Brother' asked what time it was, we HAD to answer thus...

Sir, I am greatly embarrassed and deeply humiliated, but due to unforeseen circumstances over which I have no control, the inner-most workings of my chronometer are in such great discord with the celestial movements, that I can not with any degree of accuracy state the correct time.
HOWEVER...Without fear of being too far wrong, I can safely say that it is 4 minutes 2 tics and a toc past the hour of 9...Sir!!!


Serena said...

Well, all righty, Fancy. Every girl loves a party.:)

My brain's a sieve these days, Galen. I could never remember all that. I guess I'll just have to sneak a peek at my trusty Timex. Sir!:)

VE said...

Ah was time to update the blog roll, replace the picture of the day, do another poll and get my post in. That's enough for one day...who would ever have time to work?

Hale McKay said...

You'd think that since they now display the Christmas stuff BEFORE Halloween, we would have plenty of time to do our gift hunting, buying and wrapping well before Dec. 25.

...But NO ....

Skunkfeathers said...

Bilbo's prolly onto something: I heard bakini is Italian women's intimate apparel made of pasta. But I can't accredit the source.

I'm always ready for Halloween, according to a few folks down the years ;)

Serena said...

I know what you mean, VE. Work is seriously messing with my schedule. Alas, I have to fit it in somewhere.:)

NO is right, Mike. The "stuff" is already out there, but who has time for gift shopping? Not me!:)

LOL, Skunk. I think those pasta dainties are going to be a mighty popular item.:-)

Mona said...

be natural & things will work themselves out!

termineated Punish those who ate my food

bakini : a bikini shaped cake

yealed : drank ale and yelled!

jip : hip joint

aethiest : a nan believer who has his theories screwed upside down

Peral Harbor : Peril harbor really, since so many lost their lives there!