Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Dodged a Smoking Gun

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We, my fellow taxpayers, dodged a bullet yesterday. You could have blown me over with a feather when I heard that the proposed Wall Street bailout had been defeated in the House because I really thought it was a done deal. This is not to say that some other, perhaps more odious proposition won't be broached next, but I think it's great that we escaped this particular heavy yoke.

I feel sorry for Wall Street. I do. Their woes, however, are not the fault of John Q. Public. Corporate greed did them in. Let them stand in the shoes of an average citizen for a while. Let them figure out the mechanics of having to decide whether to pay the rent or the doctor bill, the health insurance premium or groceries, car repairs or the electric bill. They may tear up a little when having to downgrade the Bentley to a Toyota, or experience a teensy canniption fit when forced to eat at home two or three nights a week and clean up their own mess. They should be forced to clean up their own mess that they made in the financial arena. You and I didn't make it. Why on earth should we have to clean it up?

I'm sorry for them that stocks plummeted yesterday but, geez, my paycheck didn't go up, either, and I got over it. You didn't notice me standing with my hat in my hand after work yesterday begging the government to step in and bail me out of my penny-ante little debt. Most of the time, the government just ignores us, anyway, when we do ask for help. On what I make, and you make, and every other working American makes, it's ridiculous to expect us to make up Wall Street's deficits and clean up after them. We have a hard enough time maintaining our own standard of living and keeping our own families' heads above water. Asking us to chip in to support a bunch of rich people who didn't know how to manage their money is insulting. Thank God we weren't ordered to do so. This time.

We're not dodging blasfomys today. TWISTED LINGUISTICS rounded up these Words Gone Wild for your defining pleasure.



G-Man said...

I feel EXACTLY like you do Sherry!
Even though my 401K probably took a ten grand hit, I know it will come back for the same reason...Greed!
Very political post SJ..hehehe

Have a GREAT day...G

NYD said...

well, I just knew that recent events would bring out the blogger in you.

Well written and even better, well thought out. You could teach then dummies in New York a thing or two.

Mona said...

hear hear! Well said.

Although the share markets plummeted for the common man too...

griefing : What those rich people who could not manage their money are doing right now!

enjection : An injection needle going in from one end & coming out of another

cloolection : Gathered funds, that went down the drain or the loo!

ovet : An overt vet

enouth : came out as soon as it entered the mouth ( probably puke)

Candada : Can daddy ( do that?)

shcage : to incarcerate silently ( shut up & cage)

inscident : The inside story of the happening

yourslef : what little is left of your ( portion)

fillabusters : Silicone boobs

VE said...

Wouldn't it be nice to take that picture from your living room rather than find it on the net?

Sorry...I'll go back now and read your post...you had me at the picture of cash!

Serena said...

Keep your eye on that 401k, Galen. You're going to need it all down the road. I'm not usually political, but that mess pissed me off.:)

I don't think they'd want me teaching 'em anything in New York, NYD. The first one to whine at me, I'd pick up a big stick and beat the crap out of him, and that'd be all she wrote.:)

Yeah, I know, Mona. It's sad that it plummeted for all of us, but it'll come back. And hopefully, Wall St. will know how to manage it when it does. Once again, your definitions have left me tongue-tied. LOL. I can't quit giggling over "enouth.":-)

Yeah, VE, I'd love to be able to take that picture from the comfort of my own home. It'll never happen, but one can dream.:)

Anonymous said...


(not that i really think yr crazy enough to do it)

¤ ¤ ¤


Candada: canadian followers of duchamp et al

Serena said...

Noooooo, /t.! I'd have to get way more crazy to think about taking that job.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

I'll vote for you, Serena; but be prepared to be told you should stay at home widda kids and cook dinner by the opposition (unless you're Hillary).

Serena said...

Skunk, if I ever announce my candidacy, just shoot me like you would a mad dog.:-)