Monday, September 29, 2008

R.I.P., Mr. Newman

The movie industry lost a true great this past Friday in the person of Mr. Paul Newman. The quintessential gentleman in every sense of the word, he'll be greatly missed. A consummate professional, with one of the most beautiful pairs of eyes I've ever seen, he could play almost any role convincingly, but this is the one for which he'll probably be best remembered.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS has these linguistic gems for you today.

came to a hult
polloing place
polical analysis
ues to be


G-Man said...

Cool Hand Luke was a Masterpiece on Film!!!
I went through the other clips at the bottom of this one, and every one is a classic.
"Oh Lord whatever I done..Please don't strike me blind now"

Nice tribute Sherry....G

Mona said...

WHAT! Paul Newman is no more!!!!!!!

OMG! That was one of my favorite actors! & yes, The most mesmerizing eyes ever seen on the screen!

dummer : What actually winter should have called! As opposed to Summer. & then we could have said " Dummer the bummer"

morgege : A Moron called Gege

came to a hult : came across a dead cult

polloing place : A place where you play Polo

polical analysis : a politically calculative analysis

ues to be : US to be ( Democratic ruled, in recession, In trouble...whatever...)

VE said...

Though it wasn't a complete surprise knowing he had terminal cancer, it is still such a shock. It means that those actors I grew up on as heros are now starting to die off. Scary. This was a big one. Others like Eastwood and Redford will be big ones too. Their a bit younger though...

Anonymous said...

to hear
about newman

happy monday, serena joy

¤ ¤ ¤


NYD said...

For some ding dong reason I can no longer view Youtube clips on my computer. Then again with Mr.Newman I don't have to. They are stored in my head.

I have said it before and I say it again: He is what cool men look up to when they need a reminder.

Serena said...

It is indeed a masterpiece, Galen -- and all classics. People get old, and people get sick; still, it's a shock to see them actually go.:)

Unfortunately, yes, Mona. He passed away on Friday.

I'm afraid your definitions have left me tongue-tied.:-)

I know what you mean, VE. Even when you're expecting something, the actuality is a shock. You're right in that Eastwood and Redford will also be huge losses.:)

Such sad news, /t. But I wish you a Happy Monday and hope you've had same.:)

Sorry about your computer vs. videos, NYD, but you can probably quote the classic lines. They are, as you say, stored in your head. Probably in most of our heads. You are SO right; he was the model for cool.:)

Hale McKay said...

Like VE, I was expecting his pasing sooner or later - still, the reality of it was a shock.

My tribute to him can be found here:

A Cool Hand Remembered.

Those are some tough "Twisted Linguitics" today ...

polical analysis - a study of the operations at Poly Cal Institute.

polloing place - the grounds or field where polo is played.

dummer - one who is addicted to Dum Dum lollipops.

Duh - that's about the best I can do with those - and they weren't very good.

Skunkfeathers said...

Yep...another classic actor from the "old school" moves onto a higher stage.

Serena said...

You did a terrific tribute, Mike. You didn't do half bad with those "words," either.:)

True, Skunk. Now those amazing eyes will light up a higher stage.:)