Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nouveau Doo-dads

I've got

- Brand new pots and pans. Shiny! In a shiny new box.
- A brand new toaster
- A brand spanking new colander. Red!
- Sparkling brand new spatulas and flipper-things and big spoons
- Brand new rugs and towels and ... stuff

Whatchu think Serena got in mind? Hint: Serena is not addicted to shopping just for the hell of it.

We have blasfomys out the wazoo today. How about defining them just for, you know, the hell of it?

bah mitzfa


Bilbo said...

molstation - where lawn pests tank up.

abuabuse - what got people into trouble at Abu Ghraib

struggel - to work hard at getting the wrinkles out of the carpet.

simular - to Mr Bush, like nucular.

bah mitzfa - ceremony at which a southern Jewish boy comes of age.

libal - pro-feminist.

anomily - zone in which mention of Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter is forbidden.

femenine - nine times more comely than the average woman.

Skunkfeathers said...

Widdall the new stuff, it's a good way of saying your day's gone to pot...the old stuff is have a new strain of spagetti...

*ducking boos and throwd old spatulas*

puerileuwaite said...

You've FINALLY come to your senses and decided to pursue your new life in a new condo with the Pugster.

Serena said...

Wow, Bilbo, you defined all the words! Great job! I couldn't think of a thing.:)

I will admit this, Skunk: a new day is dawning in Spaghettiville.:-)

I will say this much, Puggy: I have come to my senses. Even my dog patted me on the head and said, "Good girl.":-)

Anonymous said...

Nouveau Doo-dads

stocking up for your next
garage sale?

just a guess

well, a bit early, i know, but

¤ ¤ ¤


NYD said...

You are finally getting around to returning the wedding gifts.

Serena said...

No, no, /t., I'm not selling my new doo-dads! It occurs to me that I might like a garage in my next incarnation, though.:)

No, NYD, I'm not returning the gifts. Now that I think about it, I have so many doo-dads now that I won't need any future presents.:-)

G-Man said...

...Someones gonna have a brand new key soon I bet.*wink*

Serena said...

Well, G, I haven't lost my car key lately. And I know where the key to my diary is. If some other brand new key turns up, I just hope it's shiny.:)

Roxan said...

Hey, I have that song on my playlist. LOL

Hale McKay said...

Ah. You've decided to open a diner?

Mona said...

LOl! @ Nyd! :D

I guess that you are going to throw a party!

molstation : A subway

abuabuse : bitten by Alladin's monkey

struggel: Strong glue to fix wall to wall carpets

simular : one who enjoys simulation rides

bah mitzfa : An Arabic name

libal: 'She" has the balls

anomily : A Yoga ( chanting Om) family

femenine: a nine times more feme fatal ( than the rest)

Serena said...

It's a cool song, Roxan.:)

No diner, Mike. Nor cooking school.:-)

Eventually, I probably will throw a party, Mona. LOL @ your definitions.:)