Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Thursday Q & A

The Q&A is mondo easy today. Answer this one simple thing and you're outta here.

Do you:

1) Control your world?
2) Rock your world?
3) Rule your world?
4) Love your world?

Not, perhaps, so easy is defining these blasfomys. Do it and there will be no doubt you rock.

passed through his elementary canal
got my writes back
struct by a plane


VE said...

I am the ruler and therefore I control my love rock. Nobody can touch my love rock without permission!

Mona said...

I usually fuck up my world Serena, & believe me, sometimes it is best to do that since it is lesser fucking up verses greater fucking up...

priviliges: Villages set up for the spys ( prying)

passed through his elementary canal: completed his primary education successfully

demostrated : Gone down on the charts ( De- rated the most rated)

alcholism : To usher in colon cancer by consuming spirits

platitiudes: plaiting up the latitudes so that they overlap 'titi'

montor : Mentor over the mentor

critise : illustrate the process of crying

got my writes back : My manuscript was returned to me

tounge : to break link from G man

woon : just a little fainting spell ( lesser than a swoon)

steructure : Fracture of a bone that happens due to stretching yourself ( mostly in cases of osteoporosis)

tensill: tense because someone is ill....

struct by a plane : orders recieved from a flying object

pretatours : Preta Tours : name of a Travel agency

Serena Joy said...

I am duly warned, VE. I wouldn't dare touch it. But ... could we see a picture?:-)

Don't feel bad, Mona. I fuck up a lot, too. It usually doesn't seem so bad the day after. That's something. I guess. LOL. Funny definitions today, madam. Now, if I can avoid wooning...:)

G-Man said...

Do you two kiss people with that mouth?
Holy Crap...

Anyway..I COVER the world!!


Serena Joy said...

Some days are just like that, Galen, and "gosh darn" just doesn't get it. LOL. You may cover your world, but I think you also rock, rule, control, and love it. Am I right? Of course I am!:)

Roxan said...

Zombies took over my world. With the cost of meat these days, I've decided to join them.

Lyrics to a new song:

got my writes back
lost them when I was
struct by a plane
it hurt really bad
and I turned to alcholism
I am the dude who
passed through his elementary canal
like a high colonic
it flushed away the woon

Serena Joy said...

I am LMAO, Roxan. That's hysterical! If you decide to take up songwriting, can I be your agent?:-)

Mona said...

G Man. I don't get to kiss anyone...