Monday, August 11, 2008

Believe ... It's Monday

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I really like this song, and the scenery in the video ain't half bad, either. Enjoy as your Monday gets underway. I hope it'll be an easy one for us all. Of course, I hope to win the lottery, too, but that's neither here nor there.

I have Monday Words Gone Wild blasfomys for you.

exspendsive - From the Pig Latin, referring to a complaint often heard about former spouses.

simpathize - It's all about Simpsons.

you are a brave sole - A shoe that will always be there for you.

incapacited - Citations relevant to Incan law.

preform brain surguries - What you'll get unless you buy a better health plan.

would not let me bred with my brother - Lament sometimes heard in certain unnamed states.



Queenie said...

You are so witty!!!

VE said...

I never do those words gone wild. Probably because I commit the majority of them...

But that first one is so obvious:

publist - The list of pubs I have been kicked out of and cannot revisit...

Bilbo said...

I'm afraid I can only do something with a few of these today...

publist - the angle at which the bar appears to tilt after you've had one too many.

infomration - the amount of infom you're allowed to have in a given period of time.

pryamid - a very nosy Egyptian tomb.

Maybe next time...

Serena Joy said...

Hi, Queenie. I feel far from witty today. I've had the kind of crappy day that makes me think I'd better hurry up and win that lottery.:)

You should do the words more often, VE. That one's perfect!:)

Bilbo, you did a fine job with what you were given to work with.:)

puerileuwaite said...

I hope you win the lottery too. It would mean we no longer have to be apart, along with an end to this life of drudgery for yours truly. Especially the second thing.

Serena Joy said...

Ah, hell, Puggy, you're such a romantic. You know, they say drudgery is good for Pugs. Keeps the little boogers on their toes. Or dew claws. Or something. Don't worry, if I win, I'll send you an extra big bag of kibble.:-)

G-Man said...


Serena Joy said...

I know, Galen -- no freakin' sound card so this was like Mute Monday for you. Someday you're going to have a whole computer. Just don't buy it on a Monday.:)

Mona said...

publist: a list of pubs in the town

infomration: ( amount) from amongst the ration

pryamid: Prying within something

villiage : age of your large intestines

synagoge: geographically synchronized a long time ago

insticts : the insides of tics

Wonderful song Serena. I have posted a freedom song too, which represents me & also my country that faces another independence day , day after tomorrow!

Serena Joy said...

Mona, I'm happy to see that you could do something with those words. LOL. Glad you enjoyed the song, and an early happy Independence Day to you.:)