Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Big Head

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Well, I didn't put in extra time at work yesterday after all. Nope, by around 10:30 A.M., I was on my way back home to sleep all day. Surprise migraine. I had awakened with a headache, but it didn't seem all that bad -- nagging, but not enough to hold me back. Consequently, I got dressed and went on my merry way.

Shortly after I walked into the office, however, and got knocked in the head by ungodly heat, I began to see the writing on the wall. The AC had been off all weekend and wouldn't come back on, so it must have been about 90 degrees in there. There's a window unit in my office upstairs, but I had to work downstairs until that person made it in.

Soon, not only was my head throbbing, but every movement brought on waves of nausea. Because I hadn't eaten anything, I couldn't take any medication with any hope of keeping it down. And because of the nausea, I wasn't inclined to eat anything. Catch-22. My head felt alternately too big and pin-sized, and trying to read anything was impossibly dizzying. It just kept getting worse and worse, so when the other employee came in, I went home and spent the day sleeping in a darkened room. I did get up around noon and force down a few Saltines so I could take some Ibuprofen, and then I went back to sleep. I feel fine today. Thank God, I don't get migraines too often.

How many of you are susceptible to migraines? What do you do for them? When you get one, do you suffer a "lost day?" If there's some way to get rid of the pain and salvage at least part of the day, I'd love to know about it.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS has some blasfomys of Words Gone Wild for your consideration today. See what you can do with them.

butload of money
inheit there children
breast feeded


VE said...

I'm susceptible to migraines...every time work is a possibility...

Bilbo said...

inheritantly - not original, but rather handed down from one's rich uncle.

butload of money - the condition of having dollars out the as.

latley - describing an attempt to impress young women using well-developed lateral muscles.

prefrence - the choice you intend to make tomorrow.

Tuiesday - the day set aside for tuie-ing?

inheit there children - tilt...no idea on this one.

spyayed - neutered while someone was peeking.

breast feeded - a surgically augmented mammary?

Kanrei said...

I get them if I eat chocolate...I know, I know. So sorry about your head, but atleast you get to go home early. I got meetings today, so it will be a late date here. Rest up.

Serena Joy said...

Poor VE. I feel so sorry for you.:P

Bilbo did the blasfomys today. Yay! I'm laughing over butload of money.:)

Oh, no, Kan. As much as I like chocolate, I don't know how I'd live if it brought on migraines. Hope those meetings don't give you one.:)

Pink said...


i get big headaches - not sure if its a migraine but it does make me nauseaus.

cure? sleep.


Corn Dog said...

Oh you poor poor thing. I can so empathize with you. I go to The Headache Clinic now. And I must say that doc is MAH-Velous. He is very non-judgmental too. (Ahem, little Darvoset abuse left to my own devices) I guess there is a big trick to disrupting the migraines and it is a per person deal. I have a written 3 page plan now with emergency and back ups and nausea drugs. I can empathize. I'm so sorry, Dear. I hope you are better today.

Hale McKay said...

I feel for you. I get migraines - usually a result of blockhead from my sinuses. I hope you're better soon.

The next installment of "Eddie" is up:

Echoes of Eddie -27

Serena Joy said...

In light of the nausea, Pinks, yep, yours do sound like migraines. And you're right, the ONLY remedy is sleep.:)

Thanks, CD. I felt perfectly fine today. I always do "the day after." I wish I'd had some of your Darvocet yesterday. I'd have abused the hell out of it.:)

It was all gone today, Mike. I'm sorry to hear you suffer from these monster headaches, too.:)

G-Man said...

I get hemmoroid flare up..
Same thing...Opposite ends!!

Serena Joy said...

I'm not sure that one is an improvement over the other, Galen.:)

/t. said...


neutered and happy for it

& happy tuesday (soon hump day) serena joy!

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

That sounds painful, /t. But as long as it's a happy thing... Speaking of which, happy Hump Day to you.:)