Friday, May 02, 2008

Serena's Playpen

It's TGIF, kids, and you know what that means. Play Day!

First, go find yourself the perfect drink.

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Now that we're fortified, we're going to submit ourselves to a little psychoanalysis. And let me just say I vehemently protest my score. I don't know ANYONE who voted for Bush.

According to experts, my personality type is :
Buddhist Monk
Ink Blot Personality TestOther people like me display these traits.
  • They are geeks
  • They are scared of clowns
  • They voted for bush
  • They like boiled cabbage
  • Take the Ink Blot Personality Quiz at

    And now we need to know our element, just in case, you know, we ever have to go into battle.

    What is your element? Wind, Earth, Water, or Fire?

    Earth, element of bravery, courage, and life.

    You are a well rounded, successful and strong person. Earth psynergy may not be as powerful and flowing as others, but creates balance. Earth can be used to manipulate any solid in sight, curse enemies, even revive fallen allies!

    Personality Test Results

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    And finally, are you willing to risk taking this quiz?

    Your Risk Taking Level: Medium-Low

    You'll take a risk if you have to, but you prefer to err on the side of caution.

    If something looks like it's going to work out, you may just go for it.

    But frivolous risks like gambling totally aren't your style.

    You prefer to have as much control over your life as possible.

    TWISTED LINGUISTICS gives you this batch of TGIF Words Gone Wild. Some of them I figured out; the rest are up to you.

    infinate - Innately a fish.


    balot - Grassy area where sheep congregate.




    certin - An absolute cretin.


    cronic - Perpetual cronedom.



    give me a brake - Stop me.

    torrist attraction


    Bilbo said...

    infinate - inherently endless; see, "Democratic primaries."

    popullation - the warble the Pope gets in his voice when he tries to hit the high notes.

    balot - vote, then get the l out of there.

    oponnents - a very contrarian Irish family.

    restaronts - what's left over after you've used most of your ronts.

    manurfacturing - the process by which animal waste is turned into useful products.

    certin - the active ingredient in Certs.

    vidio - the amount still to pay on your video game.

    cronic - always on time.

    vicitm - Julius Caesar finally trademarked at least a third of his famous quote...

    momkeys - Dad can always find a way to turn mom on...

    give me a brake - don't think I can do better than you did here.

    torrist attraction - that which makes torrists want to come, of course.

    Roxan said...

    I'm a Guinness. How Irish of me. LOL

    According to our experts, your personality type is :
    Assasin for hire

    Other people like you display these traits.
    # They like boiled cabbage
    # They are gas station attendents
    # They dine and dash
    # They can't spell

    (I think the writer of the quiz is one of these. The spelling tells all. LOL)

    Earth, element of bravery, courage, and life.

    You are a well rounded, successful and strong person. Earth psynergy may not be as powerful and flowing as others, but creates balance. Earth can be used to manipulate any solid in sight, curse enemies, even revive fallen allies!

    Risk level medium
    What's life without a few risks?
    You're willing to be daring when the time is right.

    You know that there's no reward in life without risk.
    You just always make sure that you look before you leap.

    vicitm-one who has been killed by vivisection. It really hurts.

    Kanrei said...


    popullation- the people at a tractor pull

    manurfacturing- Jive for "Man, you are factoring" however I have no idea what "man, you are factoring" could mean.

    vidio- a Spanish television show of G-d.

    cronic- the feeling of one with Crohn's disease

    momkeys- used to unlock the cage of a female ape

    torrist attraction- the most popular florist in Vegas

    VE said...

    I don't know about that ink blot test. I filled in my own answers for 8 of the 10 blots and then it said I was a Circus Clown and that I was afraid of clowns...huh?

    Serena Joy said...

    Oh! Comments! I didn't know I had any b/c stupid Blogger failed to e-mail them to me again.:(

    Bilbo, you are really on top of these wild words today. I'm LOL @ popullation. And manurfacturing. Now, if you could just clue me in on what ronts are.:)

    They at least gave you the right drink, Roxan. Guiness is, of course, perfect for you. I hear you about the dyslexic quiz writers. LOL. We do love the chronic misspellers, though; keeps us in business.:) Excellent definition of vicitm. Vivisection does for a fact hurt, but not enough for some deserving folks.:D

    Kan! DID NOT, DID NOT! You wound me. Funny definitions today. Tractor pulls, huh? LOL.

    I know, VE. Many of these quizzes are so whack. It said I was scared of clowns, too. AM NOT! And I repeat, I DID NOT vote for Bush. We need another drink.:-)

    /t. said...

    >8---:} )

    Serena Joy said...

    The Dali >8---:} ) back atcha, /t. Happy Friday to you!:)

    G-Man said...

    What Drink Am I..?
    I'm a Grape Nehi....
    Was good in it's prime, but a little outdated..

    What the Doctor prescribes for the hiccups..

    Lovely Serena
    Lounging in her tranquil den.
    Disturbed by a Bear!!

    Grrrrrrrr..... xobgxo

    Serena Joy said...

    They're making alcoholic Grape Nehi now, G? I'll have to look for that, never mind that it'll give me the vicitm hiccups.

    I AIN'T scared of no bears. There might be one or two things that scare me and make me say Grrrrr, but they ain't bears.:)

    Corn Dog said...

    I'm drinking Perrier. I'm addicted to the stuff. I must stop. It ain't nuthin' but bubbly water.

    Serena Joy said...

    Yeah, CD, it's just bubbly water, but it's GOOD water. Drink up!:)