Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meme Me - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Meme Rules: You may answer the questions in the Comment box (in which case, please copy in the questions and supply the answers so readers won't have to go back to the post to see the questions), or you may port the meme to your blog and tag your readers if you wish.

**My Memes belong to me; however, all are welcome to use them. If you do, just provide a link back, please.

Well, so much for automatic scheduling. I had this set to post at 10:00 this morning -- and it didn't. Bah, humbug.

And now, your Meme.

A. Take your name -- your Blogger user name is fine; I know there are stalkers out there -- and add an "ly" to it; e.g., if your name is John, it becomes Johnly.

B. And now take a second to define your new name; e.g., Johnly - Cross between a privy and a hooker's dream.

C. Next, make a list of five words that start with the same letter your name starts with. And make 'em count.

D. Take the last letter of your name and make a list of five words that start with that letter.

E. Now, combine your lists and write either a haiku or a limerick which incorporates those ten words.

F. Now, then -- what are you going to do for the rest of the day?

G. Are you at home, at work, or somewhere else as you peruse this lunacy?

Yeah, yeah, I'm going to do the meme with you.

A. My name = Serena + an ly = Serenaly

B. Serenaly - Not hyper.

C. S: Serendipity, Sirloin, Song, Sensual, Stubborn

D. A: Ambience, Amicable, Azure, Alchemy, Apostrophe

E. A song of sirloin,
Serendipity, bring me
That sensual meal.

Azure alchemy,
Amicable ambience
For stubborn grammar.

Damn apostrophe,
Multi-syllabic. Stubborn!

F. Work, then go home and chill.

G. Work.

Continuing the lunacy, TWISTED LINGUISTICS has these Words Gone Wild on its docket today.

homosiepian - I'm not sure what this is, but I don't believe it's human.

nake photos - Photographer with a lisp describing his pictures of serpents.

democery - Democrats who have resorted to sorcery.

connact - Reviewing the performances in 'Conan the Barbarian.' Or, maybe it's a new phone company.

wear gloves in pubic - Sounds like a reason for a visit to the doctor.

I'm getting nothing on these. How about you?

nont even
women liber
bring are troops home
cerial box
trahs talk


Bilbo said...

Aw, fair always taking the easy ones! These are pretty weak, but you can go ahead and sue me...

nont even - the result when all the nonts are properly aligned.

women liber - a Roman coffee table book about women.

condemining - digging for dirt on the Secretary of State.

bring are troops home - the political opinion of one who wasted ours when he should have been studying English.

distincian - a specialist in distinctiveness.

cerial box - Ce receptacle in which Saudis keep ceir loose change.

trahs talk - 'oy amam os taf, nehw ehs stis dnuora eht esuoh, ehs stis DNUORA eht esuho!

Serena Joy said...

Sorry, Bilbo. Hey, even when I take a crack at deciphering them, that doesn't mean you guys can't redefine them. It's open season on Words Gone Wild every day, all day.

I'm not suing over your definitions today -- they did make me laugh after all -- but PLEASE get me an interpreter for trahs talk. I can't understand a single syllable!:)

Oh, wait, I get it now. It's BACKWARDS, which would make it -- Shart Klat. Yo mama.:-)

G-Man said...

Your Meme??
I've had shorter term papers!
It would take me an hour to type that...Sorry.xo

Nont Even..
A guy with a hair-lip placing a bet at a roulette table!

Women Liber...
Jeffrey Dahmers favorite food as a 2 year old!!

Intercourse wearing a rubber!!
Condemouting, is masturbating while wearing a rubber.
(The French word for rubber is spelled condem)

Give Ian a much needed bath!!

Cerial Box...
It what Cerial shave every other Saturday!!

Trahs Talk...
Dyslexic insults!!

Whew!! I gotta go soak my fingers now..xox

Bilbo said...

Yo mama so fat, when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house!

Serena Joy said...

I'll let you off the hook this time, G, because I know you don't like heavy-duty typing. Your 'trahs talk' made me laugh.:-)

One wonders, though, Bilbo -- is yo mama fat or is yo mama phat?:)

VE said...

aack...missed my window earlier and now I'm too tired to go through the motions. I'll catch up tomorrow with the Q&A. ps - Did you notice Kurt is on vacation and you are catching up on comments?

Serena Joy said...

I almost missed my own window, VE, since the thing posted so late. Nah, I hadn't noticed about the Kurt/comments thingie.:)

snowelf said...

Okay Miss Begotten, I'm working on this one. It'll be on my blog later today. :)


Serena Joy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it, Miss Snow.:)