Wednesday, April 09, 2008

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Define each of the following emotions in five (5) words or less.

1) Love
2) Hate
3) Joy
4) Passion
5) Fear
6) Disdain
7) Sadness
8) Excitement
9) Confusion; i.e., the dichotomy of mixed emotions

We haven't had a TWISTED LINGUISTICS Storytime in a while. I think it's high time we rectify that. Here are the Words Gone Wild we have to work with:

5 minuets away
the personell is cocky ill mannert and potentious to costomers
imbred marrages

And here's the story I think they suggest:

Once upon a time, there was a faux gang filled with shamfull women who took great joy in implementing, in no particular stages, unphased whooips. Some of the members were girly-girl in a soft pink and white way, and some were rough and tumble and, well, perhaps just a tad androgynous. Their leader was a chick called Mabey, she her being a slef and an avowed activist for the fabled Leabians League. They leabed a lot, but not much else was known about them.

One night the gang was bored and decided to go out to a karokee bar for beer and pancakes drenched in Karo syrup. Things were going okay until Mabey took the mic and someone insulted her singing. Suddenly, there was a humongous humna going on and, when someone grabbed Mabey's slick greast and pinched her left slef, things took a downward spiral. She turned to the nearest ruffian, never mind that they all looked like products of imbred marrages plopped down in an oasis, and knocked him on his coaxil. Soon, the whole gang was involved in the imbroglio and blood and teeth were flying everywhere until the bartender, Ched, finally got fed up and yelled, "Klike! Klatu! Whatever! Y'all stop that fighting before I sic the barmaid, Nell, on you. You all are about 5 minuets away from going to jail! Now, pipe down, put on costumes, and either sing happy songs or dance sinfully, damn it!" At that point, somebody familiar with and scared of the Junoesque Nell's reputation fed a quarter into the jukebox. A waltz began to play, and everyone picked themselves up, bowed to their partners, and commenced to dancing slowly and carefully as Nell looked on, glowering menacingly through the eye slits of her mask.

"Hmph!" declared Mabey. "You call that sin, Ched? That's dancing, Nell? Whooips! That's some bad vibrations, you kliker. Whooips this! Let's blow this joint, girls. The personell is cocky ill mannert and potentious to costomers and we don't have to stay here and put up with this unphased abuse."

And they all went home for snacks of potentious tea and humna before heading out back for some sinched in the shed.


NYD said...

1) Love: Different for all of us.

2) Hate: Intolerance of other people's beliefs

3) Joy: Another word for happiness.

4) Passion: Emotional overload.

5) Fear: Ignorance and dogma sharing a brain.

6) Disdain:That which gives you stink-eye.

7) Sadness: Where growth and strength begin.

8) Excitement: Heh he he he he.

9) Confusion: the unaviodable occurance in life.

Ambrose Bierce would have been able to give you better definitions, but not with a five word limit.

Serena Joy said...

Bierce notwithstanding, you did a fine job with these, NYD.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

Love: a lotta work

Hate: much less work

Joy: dish washing detergent

Passion: drunk tried, ran off road

Fear: to fall in love

Disdain: what's stuck to your face

Sadness: no real football til August

Excitement: the kitchen's on fire..

Confusion: a state next to Ohio

VE said...

1) Love - All you need is this

2) Hate - Doing anything I don’t want

3) Joy - Made with real lemons

4) Passion - Enjoying something without reward

5) Fear - Gas prices over four dollars

6) Disdain - Datdain and da otha dain

7) Sadness - You’re out of chocolate

8) Excitement - Doing anything you actually wanted

9) Confusion - My sentiments about the world

Bilbo said...

1) Love - what I feel for my Agnes.

2) Hate - what I feel for the IRS.

3) Joy - what I wash dishes with.

4) Passion - the overtaking of slow vehicles.

5) Fear - primary emotion at the altar.

6) Disdain - red wine on white tablecloth.

7) Sadness - back to work on Monday.

8) Excitement - almost quitting time on Friday.

9) Confusion - process of learning dance steps.

Kanrei said...

1) Love- the intense need for someone that makes you feel good.

2) Hate- the intense need for someone that makes you feel bad.

3) Joy- momentary happiness

4) Passion- uncontrolled lust

5) Fear- the cause for the pause before something new

6) Disdain- unfocused hate

7) Sadness- the realization that wants do not always meet needs

8) Excitement- fear through a different filter

9) Confusion- that moment just before clarity

And yours are what SJ?

Serena Joy said...

Skunky, VE, Bilbo, and Kan -- you guys did great with this. Naturally, I love the bits of humor interjected.:) And yes, Kan, my dear, I know I haven't done it yet. I will. After while.:)

G-Man said...

1..Love, A tied tennis score
2..Hate, A street next to Ashbury
3..Joy, Serena's last name.
4..Passion, sometimes confused with asthma.
5..Fear, A cape in North Carolina.
6..Disdain, "This Stain" in New Orleans.
7..Sadness,Life with-out Sherry!
8..Excitement, Life with Sherry!
9..Confusion, 3rd cousin to Confucius.
(he kept getting his proverbs mixed up)

Sweet, Petite, Sherry.
Making up her own great meme's
Smart, Hot, Talented


Serena Joy said...

You know what, G? Although your answers don't exactly define the parameters of the listed emotions, I like them. A lot. When Cape Fear and New Orleans are mentioned in the same breath, what's not to like?! And hell's bells, I even got a haiku out of you. Yeah!:)

Charles said...

1) Love - Immeasurable force behind mankind.
2) Hate - Immeasurable force ahead of mankind.
3) Joy - Momentary elation, soon to pass.
4) Passion - Obsessive compulsive disorder's manifestation.
5) Fear - Emotion felt before soiling pants.
6) Disdain - Feelings for the present administration.
7) Sadness - My feelings after Election 2004.
8) Excitement - You got me on this.
9) Confusion - Unemployed genius's state of mind.

Mabey took a look at Herslef. Herslef of course asked what the heck she thought she was looking at.
Mabey's reply was "I'm looking at a karokee tribe wannabe, whose dancing end is 5 minuets away."

Herslef spread more humna on her pita and harumphed. "If I were younger, I'd scratch your eyes out, but the Coaxil(tm) I took this morning keeps me calmer these days. As it affects my electroencephagraphy my alpha waves are unphased."

"Well, we leabians and the rest of the conservatives don't like your kind. Fact is conservatives don't like any kind but their own." Mabey was letting Herslef have it. "You're nothing more than shamfull of dust bunnies and a maid where the personell is cocky ill mannert and potentious to costomers."

"At least I don't get all greast up and have a bunch of kids trying to catch me."

"Whooips! That sinched it, your intelligence is the result of imbred marrages and other optical illusions."

"And you're nothing more that a klike."

The next day's headlines read "Double Murder at Mentally Challenged Dance."

Serena Joy said...

Good answers, Charles. #4 made me giggle, and I've been lucky enough to have never succumbed to #5. #6 - yup. I'm laughing my butt off at your story. Thanks!

Hale McKay said...

1)Love - Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder score (tennis, of course)

2)Hate - Common emotion for Brussel Sprouts

3)Joy - Part two of Serena's name

4)Passion - Drunk leaves slower cars behind

5)Fear - Drivers watching drunk passion them

6) Disdain- Not dat Dane, dis one.

7) Sadness - Capone caught, Elliot was fired.

8) Excitement - First wife was caught passion.

9) Confusion - Two prisoners were shackled together.

Sorry, just couldn't get self into a serious mood to try to give serious answer.

Serena Joy said...

Seems serious enough to me, Mike. They're GREAT answers.:)