Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just ... Stuff

Any guesses as to who this little redheaded tyke might be?

I do have Internet access at work, which I discovered yesterday, but being unsure how much spare time I might have today, I'm posting early again -- just in case. Not that I'm complaining. After the first-day jitters, I had a great time at work yesterday. I think I'm really going to like the new job.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS rounded up this bumper crop of Words Gone Wild in the space of 5 minutes on one site last evening. They're so good, so juicy, so fraught with a wicked wide array of possibilities that I'm not going to touch them. Instead, I'm giving them to you to dissect. Have fun!

they where acused
second amnedment

This is a pretty stupid slogan that this little doo-hickey generated for me, but what the hell, plug in your first name and see what it gives you.

Your Slogan Should Be

Do Me a Favor, Plug Me into Serena


VE said...

Ok, I tried that slogan generator and got "Stronger than pain". What exactly does that mean? Am I that painful? Am I just too strong for pain? Am I a pain in the strong? I need answers!

Anonymous said...

mathematically f'd
database of runners

well, a slow restart after yesterdays terrifying brush with inadequacy... but we're back!

and now, serena joy, with my calendar close at hand... i wish you a most excellent thursday!

¤ ¤ ¤


ps -- great slogan?!?

Kanrei said...

I got "Kanrei: First Man, Then Machine" which actually sounds more like my last girlfriend's sex life...I mean.....

consumation- the act of being opposed to addition


equel- to quiet evenly

agenst- opposing an agent of Gen X

responsability- the ability to respond

Bilbo said...

pleasjure - what you get from legal prostitution.

consumation - how a prison inmate concludes his argument to the court.

intercours - some people even finish the word too soon...

they where acused - I give up.

beaton - I give up here, too.

liberteriainism - describing the beliefs of ultraconservatives who can neither spell nor govern.

aledgely - reported to be sitting on a ledge.

pedofile - where the police keep information on really bad people.

sub-servient - the guy who serves the u-boat captain's dinner.

equel - putting down the rebellion by the e's.

agenst - sorry, no ideas...

second amnedment- Guarantees Americans the right to own as many gnus as they want.

responsability - the ability to generate a response to freakishly bizarre twisted linguistics.

Serena Joy said...

I think that's a GREAT slogan, VE. I think it means that nothing can stop you, nothing can hurt you, and you're feeling no pain. Invincible! That's the only answer I've got. Sorry.:)

Oh, dear, /t. I am a victim of consumation. I am, thank God, not in the pedofile. LOL. I wish you an equally excellent Thursday, sir! Hey, you didn't go get your own slogan? Come on, I'm curious.:)

Oh, no. Poor Kan. No wonder you dumped that girl. Although there is something to be said for... Nah, I ain't going there.:) Thank you for explaining agenst to me. I needed that.:D

Bilbo, you're in VERY fine form today. Rather than tucking your tail and running from those deranged words, you met them head on and defined those bad boys. Good on you!:-)

Anonymous said...

just for you

my slogan should be
/t.. Champagne for the Brain!

well, you asked :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

Why, I think that suits you to a T, Mr. /t. Thank you so much for obeying my command. I love it when that happens.:)

Anonymous said...

no doubt


Serena Joy said...

Indubitably! Which earns you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.:)

Hale McKay said...

Glad to hear you like the new job.

pleasjure - Menu at the Chicken Ranch, an expurgated form of "Pleasure Du Jour."

consumation - headcount in a prison.

intercours - an abbreviated attempt at sex after drinking a case of Coors and unable to stay the course.

they where acused - Redneck way of saying in what room the air conditioners were turned on.

beaton - hit on the head by a majorettes baton.

liberteriainism - act of letting a neighbor's tethered terrier loose.

aledgely - With Dr. Scholl's gels in his shoes he won the race.

pedofile - tool used by a Podiatrist.

sub-servient - performing kitchen duties on a U-boat.

equel - proof that spell-checkers are not equal.

agenst - road where the Convalescence Home is located.

second amnedment - after failing the first morning, actor Beatty tries again to explain what he was trying to say.

responsability - skill shown by a 1-900 telephone operator.

Whew! Those were tough.

Roxan said...

I got a very suggestive slogan. LOL

Have You Ever had a Bad Time in Roxan?

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, Mike. And thanks for some superb definitions. They were tough, but you were equel to the challenge. I know some people I'd like to beaton agenst their heads. Yeah, I'll take responsability for that. There's a full moon coming, you know. Please excuse me if I'm seriously deranged for the next few days. With any luck, I won't end up in consumation.:-)

Serena Joy said...

Oh, that's good, Roxan. We could get tattoos.:D

G-Man said... Rita Hayworth?
Jill St. John?
Ginger on Gilligan's Island?
Skully from the X-Files?
....Naw, All them chicks are Skanks compared to who that REALLY is....
Eh Sherry?????


Serena Joy said...

Well, land's sake, Mr. G., do you think? The kid's X-Files material, that's for sure.:)

What, no slogan? Chicken!x