Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Come Hell or High Water

Sometimes a confluence of events arises that really tests your mettle. You know it's designed by forces much greater than you as a test of your strength, your endurance, your perspicacity. What else could it be? You can either think of it in those terms or deduce that the cosmos hates you and is spitting in your eye. I prefer to think of it as trial by fire, complemented by the old adage, "That which does not kill you only makes you stronger."

Family members are pulling at each other and giving me vicarious fits. I don't make a very good referee. I never seem to have enough time in which to do the things I really want to do. All my time is consumed any more by "have to do" stuff, not "want to do" stuff. I need to schedule some additional "me" time. I'm still feeling a little ambivalence about the new job. Every other day, I like it just fine; the other days, not so much. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm making a lot more money -- and I have to do it because I've also made some hefty financial commitments. I have a hell of a lot nicer office, too. That helps. The prices of not only fuel but of everything that one can't live without are up. Dramatically up. It's like escalating fuel costs are at the center of a vicious cycle. One has to eat, so one must find a way to incorporate it into the budget and deal with it. All the politicians and their sycophants are giving me headaches. I wish they'd hold the election this weekend and get it over with. I have the sniffles -- maybe due to the weirdly changing weather, maybe not. And -- and, damn it, I have to be at work half an hour early this morning. Can you tell I'm not pleased about that?

You can fight all the trials, tribulations, and travails that come your way, but it usually turns out to be counter-productive; i.e., you zap more energy kicking and screaming than you do just sucking it up and finding a way to cope with it. You can give in to it and lie around whining about how unkind fate is. Or you can meet it head-on with élan and a clear head, take it on, and use it to your advantage.

I guess what some of these pitfalls boil down to is a battle of wills -- someone's will to make me an unwilling party to something and my will to avoid it at all costs. Most of the stuff going on, I shrug off. But that doesn't mean I don't sneak a thought about it every so often. I'd much rather think about puppies and ice cream and fresh green grass. There's not always a clear-cut winner in these little contretemps. They can be -- often are -- not much more than a battle of wits, clawing and scratching to the bitter end with every inch of ground gained soaked in exasperation. It's not easy. It's not meant to be. Nothing which comes too easily is worth gaining. If you emerge from it having gained some ground (and much insight), integrity intact, and not flat on your back from some stress-induced illness, then I guess you're coming out ahead.

In the long-run, what do all these extraneous bumps in the road that wear on your last nerve really matter? Not much, other than as object lessons because, come hell or high water, that which does not kill you truly does make you stronger.

Yeah, this is what happens when you got nothing and start off with a post about nothing.

You'll get a kick out of the wild mess of Words Gone Wild and GIGO Grammar rounded up by the Patois Paddy Wagon today and rushed to the Word Rehab ER. If the Voices give you any inside information on what they mean, please share. Otherwise, you're free to stand outside the bars and poke sticks at them.

a class action law suite agents them
I need some assistants with my case
auhtors who’s contracts
there is no avenues
ive rarely ate at taco bell


puerileuwaite said...

I want to hire you as referee until this schizophrenia runs out of gas. That should make us both stronger. And I think it's something we WANT to do.

Bilbo said...

captivuty - the act of voyeurism directed against Elisha Cuthbert in a grade-B slasher movie.

a class action law suite agents them - wow, but them big-city lawyers sure do have to hire some kinda wicked good real estate folks to find them those fancy offices, don't they, Pa?

I need some assistants with my case - it is, after all, quite heavy.

auhtors who’s contracts - refers to some writers whose proportion of typos and grammatial errors to finished product requires special contractual measures to allow for extra editing.

there is no avenues - at least not on Senator McCain's "Street Talk Express."

desition - the act of deciding where to sit.

ive rarely ate at taco bell - yo quiero bicarb.

lieiing - going horizontal in Hawaii.

cerain - Tattoo gives the weather report on Fantasy Island.

cumlative - referring to the total ejaculation potential of a male porn st ... uh ... never mind.

dissability - the skill required to offend the person of your choice.

sexully - sorry, can't come up with something for this at the moment (more's the pity).

Mona said...

Wow! Serena Rant!
Psycho Babble!
You let in go in one go Right? I can almost imagine you breathless with that one !

Captivuty, Duty of a captive mind ( like Serena's in this post)

a class action law suite agents them : a class of law held in a suite by the agents of law ( judges)

I need some assistants with my case: I need some assistants to carry my suitcase.

authtors who's contracts: Shrunk authority

there is no aveneus : there is no news about the aves

desition : marking a decimal on a line

ive rarely ate at taco bell : I hardly eat at that restaurant called Taco Bell

lieiing : stuttering caused while lying

cerain : opposite end of the terrain

cumlative : a newly discovered pill that makes you come

dissability: the ability of dissociation

sexully: your ally in the act of sex

G-Man said...

You are like the Seinfeld of blogging!!

You start off having a post about nothing, and it ends up witty, captivating, and very interesting.

Your mind is so brilliant Sherry, you gotta lot going on up there. Thats why I love, love, love visiting you!!

I sure hope this day goes well...G

/t. said...

the g-man


¤ ¤ ¤


Kanrei said...

Perhaps the most important "me time" would be to stop being referee and start working on spectator. I mean, if you family is going to fight, then you might as well support them by letting them do what they want to do and who is to say you can't pop some corn and sit down and watch. Maybe even you can take on the (battle weakened) winner. Why fight the trials when you can just start your own CourTv and sell ad space?

captivuty- the duty of every captive

a class action law suite agents them- Them, those agents who live in the Law Suite of Class and Action, Equire.

there is no avenues- but plenty of streets and roads

desition-the place where you finally sit down

cerain- how a weather man feels about the chances of percipitation

cumlative- A perverted new Starbucks drink combining a laite, a laxitive, and...well, um....yea. Lots of protein.

dissability- insulting the handicapped

sexully- Sex with Scully (Hello Nurse!)

leelee said...

glad to read your post today..I was worried about you and that crazy weather..


VE said...

You know Ive too? I knew he disliked Taco Bell but I didn't know just how many people knew him until I started listening to people and they all seem to mention Ive at some point. What a popular guy...

Serena Joy said...

Okay, Puggy, you win. I'm hired. I WANTED to be. Who do you want me to call foul on first?:)

Bilbo, you mastered the art of patois interpretation today. LOL. I have to confess that your explanation of "cumlative" was pretty much what I was thinking -- except that there were laxatives involved.:-)

Mona, a little rant every now and then is good for the spirit. It's much better than holding it in for propriety's sake and getting a bellyache or something. Hey, you came up with some great definitions. Love 'em.:)

The day went well, G. Alas, my brain is still only marginally larger than a flea's. If Seinfeld started with nothing and ended with nothing, then I guess you can call me Ms. Seinfeld. Or Kramer.:D

Happy Tuesday to you, too, /t.!

That's a great idea about starting up my own version of CourtTV, Kan. I think it would end up more along the lines of the Friday Night Fights, though. I kind of am already am a spectator since I'm still have enough mental acuity to think up a quick excuse to stay out of it. There's no popcorn, though, damn it. Wow, you aced those words. And I see you and I were thinking along the same lines with "cumlative." I'm not sure what that says about us. I'm laughing my butt off over your last two, too.:-)

Hey, Leelee. My weather's been crazy as a coot, but the tornadoes were across the state from here, thankfully. What an awful mess they left.:)

Yes, I know Ive, too, VE. And as we both know, that sucker will eat anything. That's what makes him so popular.:)

Sling said...

I'm going to bottle this post,and open it on those special occasions when I want to commemorate the joy of revelation,thoughtfully inspired.

Hale McKay said...

Wow! This sounded sort of like a Skunkfeathers rant editted and repackaged as your own.

It's not always easy being you, is it?

Serena Joy said...

If it helps, I'm all for it, Sling. Just let it age properly before popping the cork on that bottle.:)

Since they won't let me be anybody else, Mike, I guess I just have to deal with it.:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

Referee? I need a place to HIDE ;)

Alas, no place to hide...so on with the maelstrom, for the next 13 of 14 straight days...ugh

Serena Joy said...

What's going on for 13-14 days, Skunk? Sounds dire, and too much to referee. Maybe I'll just go hide out with you.:)