Friday, March 14, 2008

White Wedding...

...or, Peeps in Love

Alfred Lord Tennyson will just have to forgive me for saying, "In the Spring a young Peep's fancy turns madly to thoughts of love."

I had a perfectly suck-ass day yesterday, so I figure I'm entitled to some pure, unadulterated nonsense today. To put it succinctly, my hours have been cut -- again -- and my job ends altogether on May 1. I knew my boss would retire sometime; I just didn't think it would be this soon. Or this suddenly. Now I have to hustle and find something else that I can tolerate. Joy, joy.


corpmany - A pile of dead Peeps.

ilegaly - Peeps lawyers.

Paulitzer prize - Prize handed out for drinking, named after a Peep named Paul.

menatlly disorder - Pathological lying among male Peeps.

terapy - Training Peeps to be more aggressive.

~Yes, I posted way early. I have mountains to move and worlds to conquer tomorrow. Today. Whatever.


Hale McKay said...

The Peeps are a poppin' here today!

LOL @ the Peeps wedding. Uh .. a pink Peep and a yellow Peep - orange baby Peeps?

Mona said...

Lol! @ Hale mckay :D

Serena, That is sad. This was the last thing I wanted to hear today...

I hope you will be able to find a better and a more satisfying job soon enough!

G-Man said...


Charles said...

Good luck in the job market, its not good now, hopefully it will be better by then. Unemployment sucks. I don't know if there's more employees where you work, but perhaps you could talk the owner into selling the business to you, at a reasonable price.

I missed yesterday, but I'll add that the spammers also seem to get their lists from the job sites, e.g. Monster and the like. All they have to do is sign up as an employer, and they have access to thousands of addresses.

Skunkfeathers said...

In the spring, a young peep's thoughts turn to...SURVIVAL!!!

Spammers I delete; scammers I torment. I could torme them, but I don't have sound to send them hours of Mel Torme's greatest hits...

Yesterday I spent undergoing 9 hours of CPR/AED recert training. The anecdotes added a third chapter, as one of the trainees did something our instructor has never seen in 15 years: Resusi-Annie getting her neck broke during CPR ;) I didn't help the situation (or myself) when at the moment it happened, I managed to get out (besides laughing amidst compressions) "is there a chiropractor in the house?". That was good for a ten minute break LOL

Serena Joy said...

Yes, Mike, and they make such a satisfying crunch when they pop.:) You're right, I think their babies will be a nice shade of orange -- and will taste divine.:D

Thanks, Mona. I hope so, too.:)

Hmmmmmmmm, Galen. I swear I went to bed at a decent hour and I ain't so very tired today.:)

He's a lawyer, Charles, and I'm not, so I couldn't buy his practice. And I'm the only employee, so I'm pretty much SOL. I think you're right about sites like Monster and Craigs List,, so I'm glad I've never signed up.:)

Holy crap, SF -- poor Annie! Send me her hospital room number and I'll send her a bouquet of Peeps. I have sound, and you've given me an idea. I shall henceforth Torme my spammers. That'll learn 'em.:)

VE said...

Bummer on the job front. But work is a four letter word and its overrated. I try and avoid it at all costs.

And if you must, look at all the entrepeneurial ideas I've offered you lately to steal:
Giant exercise bubbles
Mini-bowling courses
Elevator Master exercise machine
Driving for the Sexes School
Teen Port-a-cam

Hale McKay said...

By the way, at the top of the picture opening your post, is that a small doll house?

From the angle of the photograph it resembles some kind of spider from a sci-fi - complete with glowong eyes and four visible legs.

--At least from my perspective ...

Mona said...

Mike> That is White House & that is GW's daughter's wedding...

G-Man said...

Marshmallow Cuties
Gelatinous bits of Love.
May I eat you now???

Kick the Sandman in his sac, stay up late...Insomniac!!

I'd hire you in a New York minute Serena...
Witty, smart, charming, beautiul, experianced, talented...You have it all baby!!!!!!


Serena Joy said...

I know, VE, work IS a 4-letter word. Unfortunately, I need it to support my 3-letter habit -- EAT. I might take a crack at peddling the giant exercise balls. I liked those.:)

It's a church at the top, Mike. It goes with a Christmas "village." It does look funny from that perspective, doesn't it? I didn't have a little tux for the groom, but you could see the bride's pretty bridal veil, couldn't you?:)

LOL, Mona. It just could be.:-)

Peeps haiku, Galen? I love it. In fact, I'm inspired to go and eat a Peep (or 2) right now. Thank you for the vote of confidence. So, what kind of job do you have for me? Just so you know, I do NOT do windows, make sandwiches, or run cash registers.:D

ThatGreenyFlower said...

I'm dreaming of an orange Peepmas
In which the good gals always win
Where Serena listens
And her pulse quickens
To hear job offers rolling in...

I'm dreaming of an orange Peepmas
With each application that she writes
Revise your resume
Get an early start today
And watch potential bosses get in fights...

I think you're the hot hot hottest thing in glasses! You're going to find something you don't hate and we're all anxious to hear all about it!


Serena Joy said...

Greeny, I am completely captivated by the whole concept of Orange Peepmas. Why is this not already a national holiday?:) I'll wear my glasses to interviews and pray you're right.:D

NYD said...

You just might have a future in breeding peeps.

If you figure out how to get em in tie-dyed patterns you can put me down for a brace.

G-Man said...

..Theraputic Massages?

Serena Joy said...

Another interesting career idea, NYD. I'll let you know if I manage to pull off a genetic revolution and produce a crop of tie-dyed Peep babies.:)

Where are they giving those massages, Galen? Lord knows I could use one.:)

Sling said...

You'll hear all kinds of talk about how this is really an opportunity to find something better.
Well it's true!
Everytime I've lost one job,I found something I enjoyed more,or moved in a direction that I hadn't considered,that proved very interesting.
I know you'll do well.

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Sling. I know it'll turn out for the best. Sometimes it's hard to see that far down the road, but I know it'll be okay.:)

snowelf said...

Oh! Serena, that is some crummy news... :( But don't discount how intelligent, witty, and fabulous you are. Any employer would be lucky to have you by their side! I hope the job search process is not too painful and ends quickly.



Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Snow. I, too, hope it goes quickly and painlessly. I'll keep you posted.:)