Monday, February 18, 2008

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I have a lot of stuff to do today; more specifically, stuff that I've already put off for too long. Even stuff must be done, though. Sometime. Sometimes I find myself saying about this, that, or the other, "I can't do this any more. I don't want to do it." And then I ask myself, "If not me, who?" Sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep on plugging along. Until you don't. And after that, it doesn't matter any more anyway.

I'm having a holiday from work today. Why does it seem as though every time I have a Monday holiday, I lose the Sunday before to a wretched headache? My yucky cold is still hanging on, but maybe it'll be outta here in another day or two.

It rained last night and it's kind of cold today. I don't like that much. I guess I like it better than badgers and shrimps, though. (You) don't ask, (I) don't tell. Unless the shrimps are on the barbie. Those are good. Y'all can send me shrimp recipes if you want to.

If you've read this far, I guess you've figured out my secret by now; i.e., this is a post about absolutely nothing. Annoying, isn't it?

Speaking of annoying, how would you like to annoy the hell out of some Words Gone Wild today?

top knotch
I knoe


G-Man said...

So what you are saying, is that this post is like the Seinfeld of blogging?
A post about NOTHING!
Very Clever Serena!!!!
Once again, your brilliance is displyed, by NOT displaying anything!!!

Liquid said...

I'm cracking up!
Hope you feel better soon!
Enjoy your day.


Charles said...

Recipe: Smell-o-Shrimp Soup.
2 dozen large Shrimp.
2 Cans of your favorite Progresso brand soup.
2 ounces Sunflower oil.

In medium saucepan heat 2 cans soup.
In large skillet heat oil until hot.
Lay shrimp in skillet side by side and cook until color changes. Flip shrimp to other side and continue until cooked thoroughly. Flip Shrimp into waste basket and serve soup.

Roxan said...

sunusitis- Now this actually sounds like what my blue eyed sister and my blue eyed son suffer from. Bright sunshine makes them sneeze. Weird, I know, but true.
According to my quick research it is genetic and there is no mention of it having anything to do with eye color.

VE said...

A post about nothing? I felt right at home...

Charles said...

Looks like the firewalls must be down at the dealership today. You need to learn how to "bypass proxies" at your work, G. Just google that.

Serena Joy said...

Yes, Bubba-G, you could say that. The difference is that Seinfeld got a few bucks for his "nothing" and I'm getting bupkis. I ask you, where is the fairness in that?

Thank you, Liquid, and thanks for stopping by. I LOVE your tiara!

Nice recipe, Charles, and one that I could probably actually DO. The sad thing is, I really like to eat shrimp.

Oddly enough, Roxan, sunlight makes me sneeze, too. My eyes are green.

I'm glad you felt at home, VE, albeit my nothing sucks way worse than anybody else's nothing.

Firewalls = non-issue this A.M., Charles. It's "late day."

Anonymous said...

straight marsupials

chorus of 'insane song'

consequence of solar snorting

you see, serena, these definitions are about nothing in particular(!)



Serena Joy said...

/t., your Definitions About Nothing are spot on. They made me laugh out loud and, believe me, that's good medicine today. Thank you, sir!

Pink said...

Well I guess it figures Barbie would end up with nothing but shrimp. Mattel gave Ken all the clams, after all.

Pink said...

PS - I like Charles' recipe. I think this could be substitued with kidney in steak and kidney pie, or kippers in my kippers and eggs recipe just as easily.

A 3 michelin star dish

Indigo said...

At our last work party, one of the secretaries (the one who's useless and lazy, not the one who's nice and works hard) stole the leftover desserts! Aiieee!!

Ruela said...

cool stuff ;)

Serena Joy said...

I don't know, Pinks. I heard Mattel (or maybe it was Barbie) gave Ken the crabs.:-) I like Charles's recipe, too. Kippers? Aren't they, like, fish? That would work. No kidneys for me, though.:)

Indigo, that's terrible! Did anyone get any before she took off with them?:)

Olá, doce Ruela! How's my Portugese? Thank you, my dear.

G-Man said...

(A tour guide leads a group of captivated onlookers through Serena Joy's Post today)

..."And we are now entering the realm of Serena Joy. She also goes by the name of Sherry, but please don't call her Ethel...
Sherry is a fantastic mix of 'Big City Sophistication', and 'Down Home Charm'.
She's very talented, very creative, very well educated, and does it with the flair of your classic Southern Belle..
But ladies and gentlemen, this happens to be Full Moon Week, and round these parts strange things happen during this unpredictable and tumultuous few days...
Today, it appears that Sherry has entered into some sort of 'Crustacean Rapture'..I really don't know if we should run for the hills, or ask for some tarter sauce..
Let's walk slowly and quietly, this stuff usually passes in a few days, or until she slaps and mangles some poor sap!!"

(The group anxiously and curiously files out)

Serena Joy said...

I am LMAO, Bubba-G. All that flattery could get you ... shrimp. I do appreciate your taking it upon yourself to play tour guide and explain that I may well be in the throes of monthly Moon Madness. It's true that my realm gets infected during those tetched few days and you never know what's going to come flying out of my mouth. I'd hold off on whipping up a mess of tartar sauce, though. Tomorrow I could be enraptured with the North American Long-Haired, Bob-Tailed, Sharp-Toothed Wombat. I'm not real sure what you serve with that. Lobster sauce? Or maybe a nice plum sauce?:)

Corn Dog said...

Dang. Hope your cold is better soon. Keep the rain. We don't need any more out here but thank for thinking of us and trying to share.

Mona said...

O Serena I can relate, I am having an equally bad time with my little illness here that is taking me so long to recover & I am sick & tired of it...& things are pretty low kind of & really it is like 'nothingness' time
It is also the full moon time...

(((HUGS))) I hope you will feel better soon as will everyone else...

Mona said...

acroos..."Ac(k)! Its the roo(k)s!"
( Just adding a value that can self cancel)
Baileywick Wick of the candle belonging to Beetle Bailey
Adjent, when you add a dent to a gent the 'g' looks like 'j'
Psychologicla, When the psycho turns to logic he goes la la
Top knotch, A knoted top to be worn with knickers
I knoe, key hit miss that I knoe so well
Querry, erring of a quack
Bullentin Tinned bull and lentil soup
dicrepencies, a species which is doubly creepy
sunusitis, a disease caused by too much sun bathing

Charles said...

Feel free to use any of my techniques I share in whatever recipes or applications you'd like. That's parallel thinking, and I encourage any kind of thinking and love when people actually do think.

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, CD. The rain is gone and the cold is getting there.:)

Sometimes these things just take time, Mona. The intrusion of a Full Moon probably isn't helping either one of us. Great job with the definitions; they're precious!:)

Thanks, Charles. I, too, think thinking is a good thing and encourage it at every opportunity.:)

Charles said...

That's why I hang around here, because there's thinking going on around here. You're a thinker, and it seems most of your commenters are thinkers, too.

Serena Joy said...

What's really great, Charles, is that when my thinking is in a slump or otherwise impaired (like by full moons), I can always depend on you guys to pick up the slack and do the thinking. I love that!:)

Charles said...

Please excuse my mistake, I said Queenie, when it was Pink. My mistake, I don't know where my mind is.