Sunday, February 17, 2008


Badgers! Yay!! Badgers are cute. Kind of gives you pause to think that something so cute can rip your face off in two seconds flat if you piss it off, though, huh? Moral: Be kind to badgers today! Sing to them, dance with them, play with them, and ... keep them calm. If you screw up, don't worry. I believe Rev. Bob is standing by with a one-day special on Last Rites.

Tell me, now: if you had your own personal house badger, what would you name it? I know what I'd call mine, just before I choked its scrawny neck.

Wishing you an excellent and most sparkly Sunday, my babies.


G-Man said...

Yeah, I can think of a couple of scrawny necked bastards whose neck I'd Love to ring, twist, and choke!!
...Oh Badgers...Sorry!

Serena Joy said...

Oh, goodie, it's Chokefest today! Wriiiiiiiiing!!:)

G-Man said...

Monday Swinefest...
Sunday Chokefest...?
Hahahaha..Me Likey!!
You are so creative Sherry...xobettycrockerxo!!

Serena Joy said...

Screw Betty Crocker. The very thought of cooking has given me a headache. If old Betty comes near me today, I'll choke her, too.

Charles said...

Gee, how creative, a song with about a half dozen words for nearly three minutes. Billy Joel move over, somebody may have taken your place in "writing minimal song lyrics."

Gimme DMB anyday, at least some thought is put into the lyrics. And their's is some of the best music, besides.

What would I name him? I think it'd have to be, "Trouble." "Trouble" would be appropriate for a house badger.

I've never seen one close up, but I don't think badgers have scrawny necks, I think the case is just the opposite, I think they are very thick and powerful. How else could they rip your face off so quickly?

BTW, you've been watching too many car commercials.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

BUCKY, of course! What else would you name a badger?

U-Rah-Rah, Wisconsin!!

Serena Joy said...

I'm not sure, Greeny, but I think beavers have proprietary rights to the name Bucky. LOL.:)

Commercials, shumercials. I'm in a badger state of mind, Charles.:-) What is DMB? However thick a pesky badger's neck is, I'm pretty sure I could take him.

Anonymous said...

if i had a
house badger
i would call it
'Betty Crocker'
i heard old betty could rip off your face in two seconds flat



Hale McKay said...

Funny post, SJ. Sorry I haven't been visiting or commenting much lately, I think you'll understand why I haven't up to it.

I'm going to try to take a couple of hours during the week while I'm laid up to catch on yours and a lot of others blogs.

Have a good weekend - what's left of it.

Sling said...

We used to have a Dachshund when I was a kid.My dad called it a Badger hound..It seems these feisty little canines were used in Germany to crawl into Badger burrows,and retreive the ornery little bastards!..Imagine that.
If I had a house badger,I would name it Dawn,after my 2nd wife.

Serena Joy said...

LMAO, /t.

Poor Mike. I've been remiss, too. You take it easy and feel better soon.

I'm LMAO at your choice of badger name, Sling. I totally understand it, though.:) Thank you for reminding me that it's a Dachshund I need, not another freakin' badger.

Pink said...

Sparkly Sunday to you too!

I'd probably call my badger Rig

after the rigamortis that will set in once it dies a painful death on my glue trap.

did I say Sparkly Sunday?


Serena Joy said...

Pinks, my dear, you get extra sparklies for understanding my pushy-badger-needs-a-gluetrap mentality. Happy Sparkly Sunday to you.:-)

Charles said...

DMB, Dave Matthews Band, makes some the best music in the world.

Serena Joy said...

"Oh, of course -- DMB!" she says, slapping herself upside the head. American Baby.

Charles said...

Some of DMB's songs:
Grey Street
American Baby

VE said...

I'll call my badger Dr. B and I'd take him down to the park and let him badger all the people around and then we'd go out for ice cream and he'd have chocolate/vanilla. Later we'd catch a black and white movie...

Serena Joy said...

Yeah, I know those songs, Charles. I love DMB. Dave's a VA boy, you know.

Damn, VE, you got a much better badger than I got. How about you lose the badger and buy ME the ice cream? I need chocolate. Bad.

snowelf said...

Hmmm... am I lucky to be living in the Badger State or what? ;)

My badger would be Eli. He'd have a pierced ear.


Serena Joy said...

Holy moly, Snow, you're living in a whole state full of those toothy little boogers? Yowza! Eli the Badger. Hmmmm. I like it.

Mona said...

I have never come across a badger...Those in the picture look cute, but they do not sound so cute from the various definitions & names here...

Poor badgers...what if they rip our face, some human faces need _____'s ( please fill in the blank as and who you please).

If those descriptions match what a badger is about, Then I had a badger disguised as a cat for a pet once...

Little Wing said...

House badger??????
Not a chance!
Them critters are nasty and scary!!!!!!
Busy weekend but I came in for my Sunday Bob fix.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, goody, Mona -- I love fill in the blanks.:) I filled in mine and then called out the badgers. I didn't stay to watch the carnage. So, you once had a rather feisty kitty, did you?

Poor LW. Yes, we had no Bob yesterday. Bob was busy managing the Plague of Badgers.:)