Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pink Rules

As you may have guessed by now, pink is my favorite color. I love all things sparkly and pink, and a lot of things that aren’t necessarily sparkly but are nonetheless pink.

Some pink things I like:
lCherry blossoms
l Bubblegum
l Diamonds
l Balloons
l Soap
l Cotton candy
l Champagne
l Strawberry ice cream
l Bubblebath
l Nail polish
l Lipstick
l Roses
l Little baby pigs
l The sky at dawn

Some pink things I don’t like so much:
l Bubblegum that I’ve stepped in
l Undercooked meat
l Skin blotches
l Cars
l Tomato soup
l Stockings
l Pink-hued “rainbow” in my coffee
l Slips from employers
l Pills
l Britney's wig

Still, all in all, I love pink – in all shades and all gradients of sparkly.

I saw a cool license plate yesterday. It was TAYNTED. I'd like to have that for myself.

Wanna talk about Words Gone Wild today? TWISTED LINGUISTICS sure does, albeit TL is unable to makes heads or tails of them. Care to see what you can do with them?

elemantary school
I hate title-ing things
nobel cause

GIGO Grammar:
Don't try to infringe your beliefs upon others.


Anonymous said...


mmmmm :)

elemantary school: where boys learn to be men... drinkin', smokin', sports, and an undying appreciation for pink

¤ ¤ ¤


VE said...

I know what I like that's pink. Wait...did I write that out loud?

Serena Joy said...

Oh, of course, /t. - man school. I should have gotten that one. I guess the football uniforms there weren't pink, huh?:)

Oh, I'll bet I know what it is, VE. It's pink lemonade, right?:-)

Hale McKay said...

I notice that you didn't mention "pink elephants."

alrenate - Stimpy looked at the sickening mess on the floor. Ren had over-eaten last night and now he had to cleanup "al-Ren-ate."

arrove - past tense of arrive

carcus - the remains of the losers at a political caucus.

elemantary - (see /t's response.)

I hate title-things - (deferred to more talented definers in later comments)

nobel cause - (also called the Gore Syndrome) - the act of using preeviously used information as one's own and being rewarded for same.

receieve - a grammatical tactic wherein writer employs both rules of "i before e" to cast doubt on the reader and to deflect his own ignorance.

liers - people who make excuses for whose beds they've been sleeping in.

opinated -the one preceding opinined(??)

Serena Joy said...

Pink elephants. LOL, Mike. I tend to get stuck more often with white elephants. Those are some DIVINE definitions! w00t!:D

Roxan said...

Steaks should ALWAYS be pink inside. A well-done steak is nothing but trash having no nutritional value at that point since it has been cooked out. Might as well chew on a leather belt. Would taste about the same, but the color would probably be better than a gray well done thing that used to be meat.
This is why people use steak sauces. They have cooked all flavor out of their meat.
Chicken is a different matter.

Serena Joy said...

I don't mind a pink (NOT red) steak, but pink chicken, turkey, ham, pork, fish, etc., grosses me out.:)

Little Lamb said...

You should get along very well with Pink then.

G-Man said...

What a Vibrant post Serena Joy Joy Joy Joy Joy Joy Joy Joy Joy...

Sorry about the stutter!!

Baby Piggies.....


Serena Joy said...

Hi, Lambie. The Pink Lady's a real sweetheart.:)

Galen, you're all abuzz with joy, yes? We need to do something about that stutter.:D Yeah, little piggies are cute, huh? I know a girl who has 9 of them.:-)

G-Man said...

An amputee?
That's kinda hot....

Serena Joy said...

What?! No! She's not missing a toe (though I do know another girl who mowed off her big toe). No, I'm talking PIGGIES, as in oink-oink.:-)

Charles said...

You forgot to mention your favorite manikin blogger, Pink.
Did you know the word pink was used until the 17th century?

alrenate - Al doing his Nate impression, again.
arrove - erratic arrow.
carcus - the tiny automobile the clowns arrive in.
elemantary school - where transvestites are taught to imitate Ella Fitzgerald.
I hate title-ing things - strong dislike of things with titles containing "ing", e.g. Kings, Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Bing Crosby, Bling, etc.
nobel cause - reason dynamite was invented.
receieve - the evening before recei.
liers - broken pair of pliers.
opinated - Nate stoned on opium.

G, will have to change his shorts if he ever runs into a girl with polydactylism.

Serena Joy said...

Did you know the word pink was used until the 17th century?

What?! You mean it's no longer used and hasn't been for 300 years? Then what am I to call this favorite color of mine?:)

That's a great batch of definitions you came up with.

I don't think I want to contemplate G's shorts.:D

Charles said...

Uh, until, SJ, not after.

G-Man said...

I've posted pics of my shorts ya know...xo

Charles said...

Doh! wasn't used. I think I must be tired.

Sling said...

Pink is for girls!..Having said that,I'm quite fond of Carnations.

Corn Dog said...

Pink! Harumph. Black is the only cool color. Okay, I admit that lime green catches my fancy every once in a while.

Mona said...

I love cotton candy Serena, & also little girls dressed in pink party frocks!

Serena Joy said...

Oh, thank goodness, Charles. I'd hate to think I was using an archaic word.:)

I know, G. LOL.:-)

Yep, Sling, pink belongs to girls. Carnations are nice, though, in a variety of colors -- and shades of pink.:)

Black and lime green are very cool colors, CD. They look good with pink, too.:D

Sweet stuff and pretty things, Mona -- and they both come in pink. I have a sudden hankering for some cotton candy.:)

Pink said...


There is a notable omission from your list (I can't spell)




Serena Joy said...

Well, of course, YOU rule, La Pink. You are the ULTIMATE pink.:)