Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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If you were (for some unfathomable reason) one of each of the following, which one of each would you be?

1. A waltz
2. A Big Band tune
3. A funky pop song
4. A 1950s rock 'n roll song
5. A movie soundtrack song
6. A children's song
7. A 1960s rock song
8. A heavy metal song
9. A punk song
10. A gospel song
11. A love song

Please give today's Words Gone Wild your best shot. There's not a thing I can do with them, except that I think radiculous may refer to the despicable practice of ridiculing radishes.

truley sorry


VE said...

1. A waltz - Disney
2. A Big Band tune – Nowhere Man (hey come on…the Beatles were a big band…they had lots of fans)
3. A funky pop song – You ain’t seen nothin’ Yet by BTO (ok, it’s rock…sue me…)
4. A 1950s rock 'n roll song – Tequilla by the Champs
5. A movie soundtrack song – I’m Alright from Caddyshack
6. A children's song - Chipmunk Christmas song
7. A 1960s rock song – Wipe Out
8. A heavy metal song – Fantasmic by Nightwash
9. A punk song – I wanna be Sedated by Ramones
10. A gospel song – Jesus is just alright with me…it’s a stretch, I know
11. A love song – God only knows – Beach Boys

Kanrei said...
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Kanrei said...

espisode- the ability to know what is going to be on tv before you see it.

radiculous- radically ridiculous

bloddy-blogging about a bloody body you found once

taudry-a garish laundry

accoubtant- a combative accountant

PS- the above was me. I used a word gone wrong in my definition of a word gone wrong

Corn Dog said...

I'm just not musically inclined, plus I have no memory. The only thing I can contribute, if you can call it that is

espisode - Having ESP in episodic fits

There. I did one. Against my brain pattern. And. It. Hurt.

Anonymous said...

can't do
any words today

kanrei took 'em all

truley sorry

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

All good song choices, VE. And may I just say, "God, I love the Ramones!":)

Kan, I love your definitions today. You are SO good at this. If I ever retire, I'm handing over the scepter to you.:-)

Corn Doggie, I'm sorry I made you hurt your brain but, damn, it was worth it. Your take on espisode ROCKS.:-)

Poor /t., no words left for you. And you're not feeling the least bit like a song today? Oh, well. Que SerĂ¡, SerĂ¡.:)

G-Man said...

Sherry, I'm sorry sweetie. I'm way too frazzled to think straight tonight..

I love your fragrance.
It smells like the great out-doors..
I'm NOT talking PINE!!!!!


Serena Joy said...

No problema. I know you have your hands full.

Fragrance of the forest but not pine? You'd better not be talking about the public bears' restroom.:-)

Pink said...

oh...I'd only be a love song...the sappier the better...preferably by the current boy band. (you may vomit now)


Serena Joy said...

Nah, no vomiting here, Pink. Love songs are the best.:)

Charles said...

1. A waltz - Two left foot waltz.
2. A Big Band tune - Yeah, the tune-up when everything's chaotic and disharmonious.
3. A funky pop song - Play that Funky Music
4. A 1950s rock 'n roll song - Hounddog.
5. A movie soundtrack song - I don't know if its been done yet, but it'd be hard-driving and tragic.
6. A children's song - I don't know if there's one involving TweedleDee's brother.
7. A 1960s rock song -
8. A heavy metal song -
11. A love song -

truley sorry - post-coitus regret.
espisode - Especially Stupid Episode e.g. All the Seinfeld shows.
radiculous - Radically ridiculous.
bloddy - Blogging until your fingers bleed enough to short your keyboard out.
taudry - very small amount of laundry.
accoubtant - succubus financial service.

NYD said...

I will cut the rug in Tenessee until I am In the Mood once that happens, I will head over to funkytown, old I know but still pop to me. After that I think I just might hook up with Peggy Sue and chill out at the Mos Eisley Cantina ok,ok I don't know what thename of the song is, but you know the tune.
Then we'll do the Hoky Pokey and we'll turn ourselves about because we have found somebody to love and ought to be Breakin the Law becase of all the Anarchy in the U.K. once things calm down I might just catch a Train to Jordan- people get ready and although VE already took the best love song in rock -N- roll history I will have to settle with a little Paradise by the dashboard light.


Serena Joy said...

Charles, my work computer so sucks that I'm unable to listen to the tunes you linked to. I have a pretty good idea what they are, though. I like your #3 -- that's a real feel-good song.:) Your definitions are hilarious.:D

NYD, I LOVE the way you did that. Love your song choices, too. And just so you know, I think "Paradise..." may well be at least the second best love song ever.:)

Bilbo said...

1. A waltz - Moon River
2. A Big Band tune - 4:20 AM (David Rose)
3. A funky pop song - Calling America (ELO)
4. A 1950s rock 'n roll song - Jonny B. Goode
5. A movie soundtrack song - My Male Curiosity (Kid Creole & the Coconuts, from Against All Odds)
6. A children's song - The Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog)
7. A 1960s rock song - Everybody Loves a Clown (Gary Lewis & the Playboys)
8. A heavy metal song - I don't know any heavy metal songs...not my style.
9. A punk song - B...S... (Grace Jones)
10. A gospel song - Drop Kick Me, Jesus (Bobby Bare)
11. A love song - The Perfect Partner (Jimmy Buffett)

Serena Joy said...

Bilbo, you made some marvelous choices! Grace Jones, Kid Creole, and ELO -- love it all. Thanks so much for playing!:)