Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday. Again

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Happy Monday to you. I trust you had a good weekend, albeit I don't know where it went; there just didn't seem to be enough of it if you ask me. I got my (second pair of) new glasses Saturday. That was a surprise. They weren't supposed to be in until Thursday. I like the frames better. I'm not yet ready to concede that their efficacy is improved.

I'm having an unexpected out-of-town guest this afternoon, and unanticipated social obligations -- proof positive that, yep, it's Monday

I spent the weekend in a state of gradually decreasing pain from a pulled muscle, result of an unfortunate stretching incident. That thing hurt like a mudderwucker. My activities were severely restricted, but that's okay -- I had books. I read one that I can highly recommend -- "Falling," by Christopher Pike. Kirkus Reviews calls it "Literary crack cocaine." I concur. If you're looking for a fast-paced, suspenseful read, you should get it.

I think I'll just take my pent-up aggression out on a few Words Gone Wild today.

blurberries - Fruit for the dazed and confused among us.

badmitten - A game for which you don evil gloves to play.

govnorment - Government of the morons, by the morons, and for the morons.

politiocians - Sea-going pirates candidates for public office.

weither - That means they don't want none, neither.

committiment - What a whole hell of a lot of idiots need.

negitive speach will sell more books then not - Want to guess which publisher this "author" is with?


G-Man said...

BlurBerries..The very small testicles of Johnny Blur..

Badmitten..A small town in Eastern Germany!

Govnorment..Being tormented In a 'Stern' way by the Head of your State!!

Politiocians..Large bodies of water on the Continent if Politios..

Committment..Having sex with your Baseball Glove!

Weither..An asthmatic with a lisp...(think about it)

Have a Great Day Sherry, and I hope someone sends you some smiles today!!

Kanrei said...

I am not going to tell you that Monday is treating me well since you are having such a bad one.

I'm having an unexpected out-of-town guest this afternoon, and unanticipated social obligations -- proof positive that, yep, it's Monday

EW! Monday is being cruel to you. I hope either you have an unexpected great time with your out-of-towners or you have a very short visit.

Serena Joy said...

What, are you psychic, Bubba-G? I did happen to get some Valentine's smiles today. Not too shabby for a Monday. And look at this you've done -- word redefs. Those are good!:)

Believe me, Kan, if you're having a great Monday, I DO want to hear about it. That will keep me from angsting about my own continuing its downhill slide. I have NO printer at work today. The evil possessed thing won't even come on. Everything else will work itself out. I already know I'm going to have to be out and about at places I don't want to be tonight, but it's not forever. That's the main thing. So, tell me about your excellent Monday!:)

Kanrei said...

Well, I work today and half day tomorrow and get the rest of the week off. Today is not very busy, but busy enough that everyone gets work that wanted work and I do not have to beg anyone to come in and do not have to cancel anyone who wanted to come in. I woke up before my alarm again to my cat sleeping next to me with every toy he loves in bed with me. His favorite was even on my pillow when I woke. My other kitty was in the doorway of the bathroom waiting for me there like she always does. Traffic was non-existant on my drive to work and, while I did not have time to buy a diet Coke on my way in, I did leave on in the fridge at work on Friday, so I was covered. The time is now 2, and all my work for today is done. Also, no visitors when I get home.

Charles said...

Wow, some folks just lead charmed lives. Some of us don't lead charmed lives, so I guess them's the breaks. Sorry to hear of your pulled muscle, stretching can be treacherous like that. As for your printer, it sounds a bit like my microwave, except its on, takes the settings, and refuses with a definitive click to actually heat anything, no fan, no turntable action, no microwave energy. Why is it when things are going good, they go really good, and when they aren't, they just don't go? I'm talking multiple things, this nuke oven this week, my big screen took a dump a couple of weeks ago.

Charles said...

BTW, it sounds like your WGW today are all about politics and voters.

"Want to guess which publisher this "author" is with?" Uh, could it be that PA group? Let see, that stood for... what was it? Pubic Anterior? Penis Anus? Pickled As__ole? Ah shoot, I give up.

Charles said...

Now there's something you can give us to do, sometime in the future, come up with the worst names we can for the abbreviation PA. Then at some other time, you could give us the one for your antagonistic trolls.

Charles said...

I found this from following a link on Lime's blog, and thought that you might find it interesting.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Hope your pulled muscle recovers soon! xo

Serena Joy said...

Oh, my, Kan, you DID have a good Monday. Kudos! Whatever it is you're doing, it's working for you. Keep it up!:)

Charles, sometimes I wish I led a charmed life. It would probably freak me out, though, so I guess I'm better off as is. You are precisely correct about the name of that, er, publisher. And that's a good idea about doing things with its name. Thanks for that link; very interesting.:)

Thank you, Greeny, honey. I hope you're doing better, too. Love and kisses to you.:)

leelee said...

thanks for teh book recommendation..I am always looking for something interesting. I'm reading An Innocent man by John Grisham. It's his first foray into true crime. So far so good..

Hope your pulled muscle feels better soon, those can take time to heal.


Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Leelee. It's coming along, slowly but surely. I liked Grisham's "An Innocent Man," too. And I just read his new one, "The Appeal." I think you'd like that as well.