Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cupid on Duty

Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go
Straight to my lover's heart for me, for me
Cupid, please hear my cry and let your arrow fly
Straight to my lover's heart for me.

("Cupid," Sam Cooke)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I hope your lovers (for better or for worse) are being sweet to you today. Cupid (that little cutie) shot an arrow my way. His aim was pretty good, too. And I mean that in the best way.

In honor of the occasion, how would you like to write love poems today? You can be as sappy as you wanna be, or as erudite and disciplined as you wish. You can write in sonnets, haiku, iambic pentameter, limerick, etc. Whatever style you choose, just remember that the topic is love.

I think I'll do a teensy haiku myself.

Hot is the color
of my true love's heart -
Supernova red. Y

The TWISTED LINGUISTICS cupid is throwing arrows and other projectiles at these Words Gone Wild.

manuscript that I've mal in - It's an eeeeee-vil book. Burn it!

I can't bare it - She won't take off her clothes.

Forgive me, but this batch just begs to become Story Time.

the pron business
regestered sex ofinder

I am so saddend to announce that my liesiban duaghter, formerly my girl child, the regestered sex ofinder whose lies I ban, has now entered the pron business. When I heard she did a dua scene, I re-rude-gestered. Pron me for a prude, but this is a sad end. Agh!

And that effectively put the kibosh on poor Cupid.

Your Love Song Is

You and Me by Lifehouse

"Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you"

For you, love is very intense and a little difficult to express.


Charles said...

An early post, surprise.

Love can never be,
What I'd hoped for for me.
May the difference be,
That its different for thee.

Charles said...

What have you done to your blog? For the last couple of days, when I refresh the comments page, even though I haven't touched the comment box, it prompts me about navigating away from the page, because I have unsaved changes. This isn't happening with any other blogs I go to, so I assume its something that you've done.
Its strange unusual behavior.

Charles said...

Nevermind, I just closed the window and opened a new one, and that went away.

Anonymous said...

      •••••      ×   ×
       ••••     ×   ×
         •••   × • ×  ···
           •• ×   × ··
           ··× • ×·
         ·· × • ×
 ··· ···   × • ×       <3
   ···    ×   × ••
         × • ×   •••
        ×   ×     •••••
       ×   ×      •••••••
        • ×      ••••••••
      ••       •••••••••
    •••      •••••••••
  ••••    •


VE said...

Valentines Day...

Did you know Hallmark is only one letter away from "Hell mark"?


Little Wing said...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
well, technically, violets are violet, but...
Wait...I messed up. Let me start over.

Little Wing said...

Ok forget the poem, I will do a word gone wild.....

saddend = too much junk in the trunk

Serena Joy said...

Nice poem, Charles. Wistfully bittersweet.

I haven't done anything to my blog, but I've had problems with it all afternoon. I didn't even know I had any comments because they weren't e-mailed to me. Every blog I try to visit is taking forever to load. I noticed in my stats this morning a "publish confirm" notation attached to some addy that was NOT mine. So, I don't know what's going on. Happy Valentine's Day.:)

Happy Valentine's Day to you, /t. <3.

I have indeed noticed that VE, and it is NOT a coincidence. To quote the Rev. Bob, something's going on. Happy Valentine's Day.:)

Well, you tried to do a poem, LW. That counts. LOL. Happy Valentine's Day.:)

G-Man said...

..She radiates beauty
Her smile is perfect light
Her fragrance faintly Lavender
Her eyes are cheery bright
Oh what I'd give to hold her
And her arms encircling me
My love for her is infinite
Like an endless, raging sea

I think that I'll set sail
In my lover-searching ship
And I'll sail forever and ever
Until I kiss my lover's lips...

Mushy enough for ya???
Happy Valentines Day...
Serena Joy....xoxbgxox

Serena Joy said...

Mush outta Bubba-G -- who'd a-thunk it? But it's devastatingly beautiful, you know. Your Valentine is a lucky lady. Of course, I'm sure she already knows that.:) Happy Valentine's Day, G-Man.

ThatGreenyFlower said...

Tenacious vine climbs
Tree stands patient, wise, silent
Blossoms spring to life

Happy V-Day, my dearest Serena Joy!

Mona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charles said...

"regestered sex ofinder" - would that be a born again transvestite hunter?

Charles said...

I'm hoping things are doing OK, since you have usually posted by this time of day.

Serena Joy said...

That's a very pretty haiku, Greeny. I had a wonderful V-Day and hope you did, too, sweetie-pie.:)

I think that's exactly what that is, Charles. LOL. I didn't post anything today because, in the throes of a monstrous cold, I've been working all day long trying to resolve my computer problems. One computer is working okay, which I can tell because some Blogger comments are starting to trickle into my in-box. The other one, though, has driven me almost mad. I'm trying one last application before I chuck the damn thing in the garbage.:-)

G-Man said...

OK...I'd not do this for anyone in the world, exceptin you Serena!!!
...I'll (for medicinal purposes only mind you) apply Vicks Vapo Rub to ease your discomfort..
I hope you noticed that I used the good taste NOT to mention where!!!
Please get well soon..

Poor Serena Joy
Her Sinuses are fucked up
Will she ever breathe?


Corn Dog said...

You poor thing. I hope you are feeling better. If not, ball bat the computer. That should make you feel better.

Serena Joy said...

You're too good to me, Bubba-G. Not just anyone would offer to delve into the evil smelling Vicks. Merci!:) I am breathing better and am now fairly well convinced that I'll live.

I'm getting there, CD. It's hell when you're sick AND have computer problems at the same time. Don't worry, if I don't get it straightened out soon, I'm just going to bat the sorry thing all the way to hell.:-)

MXI said...

Hi CY! Happy Valentines Day!

Serena Joy said...

Craig! Hi!! Long time, no see, dude. Happy belated Valentine's Day to you!